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New York frickin’ City

Just spent the weekend in New York City, or New York frickin’
City as the locals say.

When they say this, they are of course referring to the great industrialist and
financier Henry Clay Frick who left them this wonderful museum of art.

Frickin collection

Yes, New York is so cultured and varied as you can see by the
influence that Frick’s art collection has had on the New York residents.  Why, just last night there was a light snow
fall on the City and I was very impressed to see how this had resulted in fresh
artwork being created at random by the residents, such as this snow art on a
car I passed this morning.

Suck it

And what I really noticed in New York is that
everywhere there are ATMs.

You go to the chemist, there’s an ATM.  You check in to the hotel, there’s an
ATM.  You go to the toilet, there’s an
ATM.  You even walk into the bar, and
there’s an ATM.


Everywhere, there’s an ATM.

This is the country where cash and checks (or cheques if you
prefer) rule.  Forget Square and
epayments, we want ATMs and check books.

So here’s a little game of spot the ATM.

I didn’t catch all the ATMs I saw today, but here’s just a
little selection of the few I found.


The gift shop.

Gift shop

The street.


Talking of parking …

Car park lot

And then there was the t-shirt stall.

Fuck you

That kind of says it all, dontcha think? 

 So there you have it.  New York: a city of culture, sophistication and yes, an awful lot of cash machines.


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  • You know a movie or picture were made in or before the 80’s when you see a phone booth.
    I suspect these machines will date our time in media. “wow, remember when you had to go to a machine to get money?! Crazy.”
    Love these pictures and expect to live to see the day when I get to say the above about these photos of our frick’n crazy times. Nice eye for our times Chris.