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The Finanser’s Week: 20th May – 26th May 2013

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

I know, let's
differentiate the bank by launching an app!

It’s Friday, so we
should have some fun. Unfortunately, it’s both a bit of fun and a bit of a
challenge. The challenge is how to differentiate the bank? That’s always been a
challenge. Most banks reckon that they don’t…

Fixing our banks: now we know the answer

We had another round of debate about fixing the banking system at the Financial
Services Club this week (read Part One here). This time it was the turn of the
shareholder, media and industry to air their views, ably represented…

Bank innovation: this time there's commitment

It was intriguing to see the rise of innovation in banking during the 2000s.
Every bank had an innovation programme, a Chief Innovation Officer, an
innovation mantra in their annual reports and an innovation organisation in the
bank. What is…

Four out of five corporates are not ready for SEPA

For the fifth year, the Financial Services Club ran a survey of payments
professionals worldwide to see how successfully regulations and technologies
are changing the European payments landscape, sponsored by CGI and EBA
CLEARING. The survey ran during the spring…

Not everyone knows the future … or even the present

It's interesting that some of us present and present and present, talk and talk
and talk, blog and blog and blog and more about the future of money, payments,
banking, society, the world and so on such that, by the…

The major general news stories of the past week include … 

predicts Pingit demand surge
– Express and Star
Barclays said it has already seen large spikes of activity over recent bank
holidays, with a 300% increase in people logging into its Pingit app over the
Easter and early May bank holidays compared with normal weekends.

in five customers to switch bank accounts
– The Telegraph
Soon customers may be more likely to move bank account, than get divorced –
with new slicker switching process.

customers and employees ride out Oklahoma tornado inside the vault
– Daily
Customers who were at the local bank when the devastating tornado hit Moore,
Oklahoma on Monday took refuge in the secure vault, and it's all that's left
standing of the building.

Finds More than 80% of Consumers Want to be Wallet-free
– Payments News
PayPal has published the results from a global consumer study that it says
"paints a dim future for the wallet. A vast majority (83%) of respondents
across five countries indicated they wished they didn’t have to carry a
wallet." It’s not about replacing cash or your credit card with a

bank account switching revolution
– Yourmoney.com
Led by the Payments Council, a new, free-to-use Current Account Switch Service
will be launched that will make switching from one bank or building society to
another simpler, reliable and hassle-free.

bank depositors to suffer losses in EU law
– Reuters
A draft European Union law voted on Monday would shield small depositors from
losing their savings in bank rescues, but customers with over 100,000 euros in
savings when a bank failed could suffer losses.

awaits Britain's battered banks
– The Telegraph
Our revolutionary new model would transform their image – and their customers'
finances, says Gillian Guy        

issues' lead banks to refuse porn stars bank accounts and loans
– Daily
Being a porn star might not meet the approval of everyone you meet but you
might think your bank manager would be one person who wouldn't have cause to

boycott this needless tax that would cripple markets and keep Europe in the
slow lane
– The Telegraph
Europe has a growth problem: the International Monetary Fund has warned of a
three-speed world economy, with the eurozone losing further ground to the
United States and emerging economies.        

eyes 14,000 job cuts as it looks for $3bn cost saving
– The Telegraph
HSBC could cut as many as 14,000 jobs in the next three years in an effort to
reduce its annual costs by between $2bn (£1.3bn) and $3bn.        


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