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The Finanser’s Week: 24th June – 30th June 2013

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

A £30 billion banking mess (but it's getting sorted out)

I hosted a dinner
this week, where a group of senior bank executives involved in cleaning up the
PPI mess gathered to debate and discuss what had been learnt from the
experience. For those overseas readers who are unfamiliar with…

A tale of two bankers

I generally meet two
types of bankers. The first is a technology sceptic. Their thinking goes
something like: There are many fads and fashions in banking and technology. A
few years ago, everyone talked about cloud. Then they’re all talking…

Remittances: a massive market snubbed by the banks

I recently joined my
friends at Anthemis – the guys investing in Fidor, Simple and Moven – for a
chat. They gave me a nice leaflet on the trends in remittances which I thought
worth sharing with y’all, as it’s…

Music and money

What have music and
money got to do with each other? Visa knows. Visa just sent me a new white
paper on the similarities of the experiences of the music industry over the
past decade or so and the lessons…

A generational thing: why we don’t understand money

It’s interesting
looking at the attitude of various generations towards money. The War
Generation was raised to be in debt to no-one for nothing. Don’t take credit
and, if you do have to borrow, pay it off as fast as…


The major general news stories of the past week include …  

bid for RBS arm could herald ethical bank
– The Independent
The Church of England is backing a bid for hundreds of branches being offloaded
by Royal Bank of Scotland, raising the prospect of a new, ethical bank on the
high street.        

Paribas' UK traders say bank is 'holding gun to our heads' over new British
– The Telegraph
BNP Paribas traders based in London say the French bank is demanding they sign
a British contract that removes some of their perks.      

called on payday lending
Lenders, regulators and government ministers are being summoned to a summit
about the UK's payday loans industry next week.

develops mobile payments app Zapp
– The Independent
Technology which will allow consumers to make payments using their mobile
phones is to be developed by the company behind Link cash machines.  

Irish bankers 'tricked' government into bailout
– The Telegraph
Two executives at stricken Anglo Irish Bank caught on tape allegedly admitting
that lender suckered Irish government into €7bn bail-out.      

to launch mobile payments scheme
– Financial Times
Zapp service is scheduled to start next year, allowing customers to pay at the
till by scanning a barcode, or tapping a reader, with their phones

tape forces Barclays to stop UK Somali workers sending cash home
– The
Worldwide pressure is growing on governments to find a solution to the
withdrawal of banking to money service companies, which is hitting hard-pressed
communities in Somalia.        

Bank is losing its ethical edge
– The Telegraph
After hurting investors the bank's standing in the marketplace has taken a big
hit, says Rosie Murray-West.        

advice from Barclays? You'll need £100,000
– The Telegraph
Barclays has stopped giving investment advice to customers with less than
£100,000 to invest.        

to sell on data from savers and track mobile phones
– The Telegraph
Barclays Bank is to start selling data on its millions of current and savings
account customers to other companies for the first time.       


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