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Holiday Humour #3: Debt

A woman walks into a bank with a $100 note stuck in each ear, and says she has an appointment with the manager.


"Oh yes", says the manager when he hears about her arrival.

"I've been waiting for her ... she's $200 in arrears".

Talking of being in arrears, a man walks into a doctor's surgery and says: "Doc, please help me.  It's my ear.  There's something in there."

"Let's have a look", says the doc. "Goodness, you're right.  There's money in there!"

Money ear

The doctor proceeded to pull out a £50 note.

"I don't believe it", says the doc, "there's more in there", and he proceeded to pull out another £50, some £20's and £10's.

Once all the notes were on the table, the doctor counted the money and says: "Wow, all of this comes to £1,990!"

"Ah yes", says the patient, "that sounds about right.  I knew I wasn't feeling two grand."


Image of man from Purple Cow

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