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#SIBOS 2013: Get on the train before it leaves the station (Part Three)

In the spirit of supporting Innotribe at SIBOS, Dubai 2013, you may want to look at the rest of the program as it’s the fifth year of the  flagship ‘Innotribe at Sibos’ event, and the team have decided to do things a little differently.

The theme this year is: ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’, and with an actual tunnel to travel down to enter their space in Dubai, they’ve designed their programme like a metro map (doubleclick to enlarge).

Innotribe 2013

The metro-map provides an overview of the different tracks available, starting with the Value track. 

The Value track will explore different aspects of value:

  • What is wealth beyond money?
  • Can everything be measured?
  • Are we measuring the right things?
  • Can we value companies based on their intangible assets?

This track will look at different dimensions impacting traditional banking business models, ending with a life research project to crowdsource wellbeing.

The Innovation track offers sessions with deep insights into what is happening in the world of innovation and explores areas beyond open innovation.  The track ends on Thursday morning with a selection of “Power Talks” illustrating how new players are significantly disrupting banking, and not just the fringes of our industry but heading for the core with early signs of scale.

Sessions labelled as “toolkits” in the Practice track are practical sessions to really get ‘hands on’ with new methods of thinking and focuses upon the way in which the world has entered a level of complexity that cannot be addressed by conventional thinking.

This track identifies new tools, capabilities, and ways of thinking to prepare, plan and be open to new options. These new tools are about forecasting, assessing, and making decisions in different ways, with ambitious design thinking to focus upon what needs to be achieved, and richer ways of expressing options through visual thinking and other techniques.

The Big Data track looks at the way in which people, businesses and devices are hyper-connected through highly pervasive networks, creating unimaginable amounts of information.  This new environment will require extraordinary insight and adaptability and so what if we could tap into the intelligence and insights buried in these networks to devise better strategies for growth?   This track will explore how you and your organisation can derive new insights through Network Analytics from all the data that surrounds us.

A few other activities will be running during the week with the Innotribe Startup Challenge being a big ticket item.

The Startup Challenge is in its third year, and introduces the world’s most promising FinTech and Financial Service startups to the global community of financial institutions, venture capitalists, angels and influencers actively investing in innovation.

It is the Grand Finale of Innotribe’s 2013 regional challenges in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.  The ten winning startups and five innovators, selected from hundreds of interesting candidates, will compete in front of a live audience and professional panel of judges for a cash prize of $50,000.

Finally, all of the tracks lead to the same destination -  the Innotribe Closing Plenary, during which there will be a unique campfire moment to gather and share key learnings of the week; what we like and dislike, and which topics should be explored further.

With interactive sessions, immersive learning, mini-talks, demos and more, join me and the guys at Innotribe at SIBOS to co-discover, co-create and co-deliver solutions for our future.


Postnote: this blog has been edited from one original posted by Dominik Debuyser from theInnotribe Team


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