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The Finanser’s Week: 5th August – 11th August 2013

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

61% of US internet users bank online

Pew Research is
always producing interesting reports, but this one specifically caught my
attention this week: 51% of US adults bank online. Over half of Americans are
banking online or, if you translate that into those who use the internet…

Why I hate Dell (and thousands of other people feel the
same way)

I wasn’t going to post this on the blog, as it has nothing to do with banking,
but it’s August and no-one’s bothered what I post. It does also have some
relevance as I blogged yesterday about banks being stuck…

21st century banking is stuck in 20th century processes

Over the past few years, I’ve transitioned across to
internet banking like most. Now I also use mobile banking, mainly for balance
checks and confirmation of transactions. In fact, it’s twenty years since all
of this began and now it’s…

Which bank demonstrates the most innovation?

I often see interesting blogs and articles in foreign
language and, thanks to Google Translate and the pervasive power of the English
language as the standard language of the internet and business, I’ve now been
connected globally with people on…

The easiest ways to steal your money

There are many ways to defraud people. You only have to
watch programs like Hustle and The Real Hustle to realise how simple it is.
These scams all play on human greed, fear and emotion, and use social
engineering to…

Things worth reading: the European View

This month's view from Europe, courtesy of Edith Rigler ...


The major general news stories of the past week include …  

who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms
– The
Bank apparently failed to read 42-year-old's amendments, signed the contract
and sent him a credit card.        

United Utilities chief Philip Green to front RBS branch bid
– The
The former chief executive of United Utilities, Philip Green, will front a bid
backed by the Church of England to buy 315 branches from Royal Bank of

ATM giant Cardtronics buys 7,100 British cash machines
– The Telegraph
More than 7,000 British cash machines have been sold to US ATM giant
Cardtronics in a deal worth £107.5m.        

of England chief struggles to demystify recovery for Britons
– Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) – If Mark Carney planned his first media outing as 'superstar'
chief of the Bank of England to reassure the British public of the bank's
efforts to juice up Britain's weak recovery, he could be back at the drawing
board this evening.

worker 'infiltrated RBS' after posing as bond salesman
– The Telegraph
Former RBS maintenance employee attended senior meetings after claiming to be
high-flying salesman.        

of England gives lenders six years to plug £121bn black hole
– The
British banks have been given six years by the Bank of England to plug a £121bn
capital shortfall in order to meet tough European rules.

rogue private investigators stole bank details for Lloyd's of London
– Daily
A private investigator jailed last year for paying a ‘blagger’ to steal bank
details has revealed that his biggest clients were insurers at Lloyd’s of

‘living wills’ start to take shape
– Financial Times
Ever since the 2008 financial crisis forced governments worldwide to rescue
their biggest banks, politicians and regulators have repeated the mantra “never

only an idiot would hand their bank card and PIN number to a thief? Read on…

– Daily Mail
My landline rang. It was a Sunday morning and I was surprised because I’d given
the number to only three people as I tended to use my mobile phone instead.

'closing diplomatic accounts'
HSBC bank reportedly asks more than 40 diplomatic missions to close their
accounts as part of a programme to reduce business risks.           


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