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You bunch of losers

Blah, blah, blah goes the talking head on the news.

Banks … bad … money … sell … losses …

Groan, moan, dull, boring.

Ripoff … scandal … government … economy … bonuses …
fatcat …

Depressing, stop it, shut up, no.

Millions … billions … balance sheet … profits …




Yes, that’s what you’re thinking isn’t it?

The news reporters watch the headlines, they grab the
stories, they twist and turn them into everyday news and they watch as Joe
Public sits and sinks deeper and deeper into their chairs at the depressing
sound of these guys all making shedloads of cash whilst you have nothing.

Now we all know that it’s not quite true, don’t we?

Some banks do good things.

In fact, most bankers do good things.

Banks give time and money to charities.  There’s
even a bankers workers’ charity - for bankers fallen on hard times – and
banks are engaged in many community services and activities.

The problem is that we all find banks challenging because
they have the money and we don’t.

They have the control.

They control all of us, on the basis of access to funds.

You need a loan?  You gonna beg for it?

You want to buy a house?  What you gonna do for me
if I give you the mortgage?

Your kids need a holiday?  How much you willing
to pay?

It’s all about the push and pull of money.

The ability to win or lose.

The ability to enjoy life or wallow in life’s misery.

The poorer you are, the poorer you become.

The richer you are, the richer you become.

It’s the law of the jungle: survival of the fittest which,
in society today, means survival of the wealthiest.


Enjoy life’s riches .. but only if you’re rich.

That’s why the media, government and Joe Public hate the
banks but hey, y’know, it’s not the banks you hate.

It’s the fact that the bank has the money and you don’t.

Get over it already.

This was a guest piece submitted by Ricky Riche, a former
Head of an Investment Bank.


Picture courtesy the Freedom Association

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  • Bethany Williamson

    It is the support given to failed banks from the taxpayer which many people find so difficult to comprehend. The idiots running banks will almost certainly continue with their reckless behaviour.

  • > The problem is that we all find banks challenging because they have the money and we don’t.
    Isn’t it that they claim to have the money, and when we need it, they don’t?