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How will the waiter bring the bill tomorrow? (#Sibos 2)

So I gave the waiter the international sign for the check please in the bar last night,
by writing the wavy signature in the air.

I then realised this sign is as outdated as taping something
or setting up the video recorder.

It’s a 20th century hangover.

It's the sign for signing a credit card slip, and yet now we have Chip & PIN and other things on the way.

I then wondered what sign I would give instead in the future.

Maybe hold my mobile in the air and wave it left and right?

That makes sense but maybe that will be gone soon enough.

Maybe the sign within the next few years will just be a

A finger on a phone.

Iphone 5s finger

A finger that biometrically confirms the yes or no for the payment.

Whatever the sign will be, I think we will find out tomorrow
at the future of money session.

This session is debating the big ticket disruptions to banks
and whether these new models of business are really disruptions or just
evolutions of change.

I’m looking forward to it and will now sleep, comfortable in
the knowledge that the international sign of the wavy signature in the air is still
understood everywhere and wondering what the waiter would do if I stuck my
finger up instead?


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  • Nihat Erdem

    As you all know, fingerprint was used instead of signature in the times when the majority of the people were illiterate. This may still be the case in some countries. In paperformat it could be regarded safer than now digital. Banks now introduced ATM’s verifying identity with fingerprint or palm print, enabling transactions without plastic cards, but I am sceptic in going to the bank and registering my hand geometry. One because it would make me feel like in a police station, the other reason is that this information is digital and may be copied or reproduced. Yes I trust my bank for many things but not for my biometric properties. Besides I admit that I have watched so many Hollywood films showing people how to overcome systems relying on fingerprints or retina scans.