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My little Angry Banker app (#Sibos 16)

After the brain challenging discussions of T2S, I revert to type and slip into a few sessions that seem to be of interest on the surface but turn out to be no more than advertorials.

This is a new thing for me at SIBOS this year, in that I don’t remember previous years having sponsored sessions that were quite as overtly sponsored on the main agenda, or is that subvertly.

Sure, if you go into an open theatre session with ACME Technologies Ltd, then you know they are going to talk about ACME Technologies Ltd, but I’ve accidentally attended three or four sessions this week that I thought were SWIFT sessions only to find they are talking about ACME Technologies Ltd (a purely fictitious firm).

That’s something I’ll watch out for in future, and make sure that I stick up a session called: “How to decimate your banking competition using killer apps”, or something like that, and then get 1,000 attendees only to tell them about my Angry Bankers app download (just $0.99c from your
nearest Android shop).

That meant another trudge around the exhibit hall before lunch and it’s thinning out.  After all, this is day four and many of the most important VVVVVIPs are now back in their offices enjoying their iPads and other gifts from the vendors.

Sniffing about for good gifts is always one of my SIBOS hobbies, and my favourite so far is the Wells Fargo cuddly pony.

My little pony.

Guess I’ll have to find some young lady to give that to … or maybe not as that sounds too much like something that could get me into trouble.

I’ll share all these gifts with you on my posting on Monday as, you guessed it, I can’t get any of my photos off my iPhone and onto the network (which explains why a lot of my postings are so picture free this year!).

Even if I could get the iPhone onto WiFi, I would be challenged getting the photo on the blog as there are many restrictions here about what works and does not work on the UAE internet.

In fact, most of the folks here tell me they can’t even access the blog in UAE.  That’s nothing to
do with the network, but relates to the UAE controls over access to blogs generally, e.g. unless the government authorises it, then you cannot access it.

I learned some time ago about how to get around these things with VPN software, but most people have not. 

Apologies to all you SIBOSers who cannot read what’s going on, and hopefully you’ll have to time to digest these diatribes once back in your denizens.

Anyways, off for some chow now and back with an #innotribe closing plenary with JP Rangaswami, an amazingly innovative visionary, and Andrew Davis of HSBC.

More later …

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