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The Finanser’s Week: 12th January 2015 – 18th January 2015

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

Sign of the times: Bank Systems & Technology ceases print media

I stumbled across a blog post from a colleague in the USA, Kathy Burger, announcing the end of Bank Systems & Technology (BS&T) last week. 

Which bank stock would you buy?

I was asked which bank to invest in the other day, and it’s been on my mind ever since, as that’s a tough question.  Which bank stock would you buy?

Europe's regulatory jumble is still a puzzle to unfold

In our annual opening meeting at the Financial Services Club David Doyle, Policy Adviser on all matters to do with EU Regulations, gave us a swift canter through the key headlines in European financial markets focus for 2015.  These included the guiding principles that:

What is 'fintech'?

I had a fascinating discussion about fintech yesterday, and was intrigued with the briefing note for the meeting which said that “Fintech is the R&D function of financial services in the digital age.”  Particularly fascinating as, a little like the debate around what is a digital bank, it begs the question: what do we really mean by ‘fintech’?

The future supply chain

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about corporate treasury lately and the supply chain, and wondered what would happen if and when 3D printing really took off. By way of example, you can now 3D print your own car or house if you want, and that means that the whole supply chain collapses, as does the value of the corporation that manufactures goods.  Will there even be manufacturers in ten years? 

February discounts … Finovate, Next Bank Europe, Bank Innovators Lab Day

There's a busy week coming up in February when all the innovators gather in London and we have an amazing 50% discount exclusively for Financial Services Club followers to attend … 

The major general news stories of the past week include …     

Digital transformation: how banks are cashing in – Information Age
The first digital-only bank could be about to usher in a new era of banking with more in common with Sillicon Valley than the Square Mile

Challenger bank gears up to sign its first clients – The Telegraph
Hampden & Co is the first private bank to get a licence since the rules changed in 2013

Millions could have to change bank sort code under ring-fence rules – The Telegraph
Britain’s major banks have warned that new rules designed to “ring-fence” their retail operations to protect consumers could mean tens of millions of people being forced to change sort codes.

James Moore: Has Standard Chartered dug itself into a hole? – The Independent
Outlook The hard hats are on at Standard Chartered. Amazing to think that people were once prepared to call this the world’s best bank, although that’s not saying much, given the state of the industry.

Atom Bank founder promises competitive savings rates and current accounts when it opens virtual doors later this year – Daily Mail
Having been chairman of the first new bank to launch on British high streets in a hundred years, and now founder of what will be among the very first institutions granted a license to offer current accounts under a tough new regulator, it's Anthony Thomson's business to know what customers want.

Fintech start-up helps ordinary people 'invest like Warren Buffett' – The Telegraph
A free platform, which is giving away investment formulas based on the strategies used by multi-millionaire investors, is hoping to democratise stock market investment

The first rule of Goldman Sachs bonuses is: you do not talk about them… – The Independent
It’s the one day of the year that can change the lives of thousands of bankers working in the City, the day of fear and loathing that has no parallel in any industry in the world.

Former MIT Professor 'robbed Manhattan bank and filmed the whole heist for art project' – Daily Mail
An eccentric filmmaker who once held a lecturer position at MIT allegedly robbed a New York bank on New Year's Eve while filming the heist and said he did it for art's sake.

Eight things that your bank will never ask you – but a fraudster will – The Telegraph
Fraudsters purporting to be from your bank can be convincing, but there are some things your bank will never ask you

HSBC refunds £350m to customers after banking rules blunder – The Independent
Thousands of HSBC customers have been receiving welcome post-Christmas gifts: big cheques totalling £350m as compensation for failing to comply with banking rules.


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