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Watch the future unfold (the best future vids on YouTube)

I often scan the net for videos portraying visions of the future.  To be honest, most of them look the same now.  For example, in my last set, I posted visions from Corning, Micrsoft and more.  Having done this three times – one, two, three – I guess I can start a series, so this is the fourth.

The problem I have is that, by the time you get to a fourth entry, all of the videos roll into one big mass of visions of humans with technology.  So, I'll post Virgin, NTT and other visions of the tech future at the end of this post.  Instead, to start, here are two videos that provide a different view of the world of banking. 

First, the future of Retail Banking, according to Bain & Company:

This talks a lot about customer experience, something that post-crisis RBS claims to take very seriously:

In light of the above, who is the customer and what do they want?  This great video from PHD Worldwide provides the insight:

Demanding, expecting, engaging and forcing companies to deal in real-time is the digital IP generation.  A generation that Blackberry feel technology can reach. So, in the first of the tech vision videos, here's Blackberry's view of the customer experience of the future (or is this now?):

Now, if you've watched that one, then the others all start merging into similar pervasive technology-based futures, but here's the best of the rest.

Winner of the Award for Best Picture: Alex Shahu

Winner of the Award for Best Adapted Screenplay: Virgin

Winner of the Award for Best Foreign Film: the French Polynesia Post and Telecom

Award for Worst Acting: NTT


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