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My favourite 419 scam email: Bernie Madoff needs my help

I get a lot of spam and scam email most of which is deleted but, as it's Friday, I thought y'all might appreciate the phish that follows … 

—–Original Message—–
From: Benard Madoff [mailto:midoffnyc@madoff.com]
Sent: 08 April 2015 13:54
To: me
Subject: Help me Make a difference


Hello Dear

I am Bernard Madoff the founder of wall street firm Bernard L. Madoff investment securities LLC in 1960 and was the former chairman of NASDAQ.I was accuses of  fraud worth over $170 billion dollars and was arrested on Dec 11,2008 and on march 12,2009.I was pleaded guilty to 11 federal crimes and admitted  to operated the largest ponzi scheme in history.

Let me not go into much details.I have more than £1.5 billion British Pounds Sterling in HSBC London.This money nobody knows about it except my bank officers because the money was deposited under serial codes.I need your help right now not only to reinvest the money.50% will goes to charity and 20% will be mapped out for the promotion of gospel and building of churches and mosques all over the world and 25% for you while 4% goes to the bank officials who will help you facilitate the transaction and 1% for my up keeping in the prison and i know that i will die soon because of my heart attack and kidney cancer.please i want this business to be completed as soon as possible.

Kind respect



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