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The most innovative solutions …

I was invited to host the BAI Innovations Showcase last week, where 21 of the top solutions providers were invited to demonstrate their wares (soft and hard!).  The audience voted throughout the afternoon for the firm they liked best and, lo and behold, the winner was:


Helios & WideNet

Helios integrates mobile and online banking features in one app. WideNet allows financial institutions to offer a banking experience based on Helios to potential account holders. WideNet, an acquisition tool, allows direct connection with potential account holders, allowing financial institutions to have direct access to winning users away from competition.

The other 20 entries were:


Abandonment is the Enemy – Learn How to Win

Abandonment rates on new Account, Card and Loan applications typically run at 75% or higher. This doesn’t need to be the case. Avoka will demonstrate a frictionless experience on mobile that will result in a higher conversion rate and provide best practices for frictionless customer acquisition experiences you can use.

Enabling Omnichannel Excellence in Banking Through Exceptional Online-to-Offline Customer Experiences

BookingBug’s multichannel appointment platform addresses the challenge of in-branch service delivery in the omnichannel banking world. We look at how banks can integrate traditional in-branch services seamlessly with new digital channels to provide better customer experiences, enabling both the bank and customer to get more from in-person and digital interactions.

Mobile Banking SmartApps: Servicing the Underserved Small Business Customer

Geared towards retail bankers that service the small business customer, our small business product represents the next-generation of mobile and Internet banking technology. Designed as an extension of our Consumer offering enhanced to provide common functionality needed for businesses that are not met with traditional mobile or Internet banking products.

Fixing Branch Sales Execution

Branch sales execution is failing. Branch Selling provides the solution. Built upon your bank’s already familiar public website, Leadfusion’s Branch Selling uses a shared screen, guided sales approach to create a more effective and repeatable sales process that increases production while lowering the costs of training and turnover.

Quick Apps

How you can leverage a singular digital platform with an integrated marketing platform to capture more loans from your digital user base, whether they use their desktop, tablet or smartphone to respond to marketing offers.
StudioPro Design Software for Digital Media Solutions

StudioPro is the first design software specifically focused on content creation for digital media solutions and compatible with the digital signage systems of any manufacturer. StudioPro is a powerful, easy-to-use software which can alleviate problems financial institutions face when trying to meet consumer demands for continually refreshed and renewed content.

CardValet® from Fiserv

When users download CardValet from Google Play or the App Store, they can turn their debit cards on or off from their smartphones, sign up for alerts based on transaction amount, location, merchant type, etc., and set limits for spending – great for parents or employers.
ID Connect

ID Connect is focused on improving the retail banking customer experience for onboarding new applicants and enrolling customers in new services. The solution helps retail banking organizations dramatically improve the conversion rate for consumers applying for new accounts through any digital channel, in particular mobile.
Self-Service Mobile On-Boarding with KYC Remediation

IDmission will demonstrate “INFORM”, a fully configurable application that supports highly efficient Self-Service Mobile On-Boarding with KYC Remediation. Included in this application is real-time ID image scanning and data extraction, live face detection, fingerprint biometrics, and the use of voice audio – all used to decrease abandonment and increase activation.
Financial Services Virtual Assistant Solutions 

Interactions conversational solutions for financial institutions allow you to ask complex questions about your accounts, change account information such as addresses and emails, report a card as lost or stolen, and more. During our demo, we are calling into an application and interacting with the solution in real time.
CPI Logo_300x150 

[email protected] Instant Issuance

CPI Card Group designed its patented solution, [email protected], to provide immediate delivery of secure payment cards on-site. Attend this demo to learn how [email protected] can help you manage EMV implementation, improve customer service, generate revenue, reduce operating costs, and provide a competitive edge among local institutions.
Online Account Opening for Businesses

Bottomline is launching Online Account Opening for Businesses, which combines a market-proven online account opening solution with business-specific features, fraud prevention and compliance tools. Examples include context-driven document requirements, digital supporting document upload, individual and corporate identity verification, and real-time behavior monitoring.
Travel Notes Fraud Platform & Flight Compensation

Travel Notes Fraud Platform notifies financial institutions of their cardholders' travel plans when they purchase airline tickets, so their card is not declined when traveling. Travel Notes Flight Compensation helps you compete for the top-of-wallet position by securing compensation for cardholders who have been impacted by a delayed/canceled flight.  

Data Driven Small Business Digital Banking

Financial Institutions need a solution that delivers a comprehensive set of data drive digital banking services designed for small businesses that operate without dedicated staff for managing the organization's finances. D3 Small Business Banking meets this need across any digital channel featuring innovative money movement, comprehensive categorization, and automated reporting.
Go Big (With Your Operational Data) or Go Home

What would happen if you applied the big data and predictive analytics concepts you use for consumers to your operational data? You’d have Ascern, a cloud-based product from SMA Solutions that lets you see into the future by analyzing the past and present in real time.
Lexmark Mobile Capture Platform for Onboarding

Lexmark is demonstrating– a frictionless mobile onboarding process driven by interactive and instructive natural voice recognition along with a virtual collaboration session to e-Sign the application in real-time and guide the customer during the new account application process.
Agile Pricing for Retail Banks: Profit from Rising Rates

The approach that got you where you are will not get you where you want to go! Nomis will demonstrate a new way to price, leveraging Price Optimizer™ to show how to drive optimal decisions, become more agile utilizing fresh market insights, and accelerate time-to-value with a proven result-generating approach.
ClickSWITCH, Help Primary Account Holders Switch to Your Financial Institution

Cale Johnston, CEO of ClickSWITCH will demonstrate our automated switch solution, highlighting ease of use and features that differentiate our product. Walking the audience through the switch process from ClickSWITCH user enrollment, switching direct deposits, automatic payments and closing existing accounts to switch status and admin reporting.
Messaging: The New Front End for Banking

Kore's secure, enterprise-grade messaging platform enables messages to become the new interface for interactions between banks, customers, and systems while mitigating risk. This demo will show how Kore can transform how the financial industry works by providing one platform for team collaboration, customer engagement, alert notifications, and much more. 
Transforming Payment in a Digital World

At Payveris, our vision is to transform the way financial institutions deliver digital payment services to their customers or members. Along with several of our clients we will demonstrate how they’ve leveraged our platform to improve or create new seamless payment services from our platform.

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  • Thanks Chris,
    I sat through all the 21 presentations. I could find synergy between several different innovations. ie Standalone they had a certain perceived value. When combined with another solution exhibited in the same event, the perceived valued would be much higher. The persons in the audience has opportunity to vote for one solution. But if there was an opportunity to combine two or more into a more holistic solution, perhaps it would be open new vistas. Perhaps this can be explored at BAI Retail Delivery 2016 at Chicago