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The Finanser’s Week: 26th September – 2nd October 2016

Here are our key posts for the past week …

Do we really need to rip up the roads?

In a discussion yesterday, I made a comment which resonated.  It was in comparing FinTech with transportation, and the idea that just because FinTech comes up with the idea of a self-driving car does not mean that we have to rip up the roads, does …

Of course we need to rip up the roads

I often write some things that I don’t believe, such as yesterday’s blog about the fact that we don’t need to rip up the roads.  Of course we need to rip up the roads, because our mode of transport has changed dramatically.  A great example of …

As traders leave, the developers arrive

I find it a little amusing to see the noise being made by banks about FinTech.  Lots of noise, not so much action.  And where there is action, it’s not necessarily real.  There are a few exceptions, but the majority seem to be tackling FinTech …

China’s P2P are taking the P

According to latest stats, China’s FinTech markets are booming in 2016. Over $10 billion went into FinTech firms in China in the first half of 2016, although half of that was Ant Financial followed closely by Lu and JD Finance. China’s Fintech 50 by KPMG …

Forget GAFA, the real threat is FATBAG

I’ve blogged a few times about GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – as the worrisome Gang of Four.  Sure, we can worry about them, but the thing is to stop worrying and do something.  Australian banks decide to stop Apple by taking them to …


This weeks top 10 news stories are:

Why is Deutsche Bank now the biggest worry in the financial world? – The Telegraph

Blockchain Will Be Used By 15% of Big Banks By 2017 – Fortune
Trying to transfer cash to a friend’s bank account is a surprisingly stressful process if you’re going through a traditional bank.

Banking business model is broken, analyst warns – CNBC
European banks are in the midst of a crisis with one analyst telling CNBC that the sector’s business models are broken. “Investors, regulators and the average man on the street want banks to behave more like utilities than like casinos that they were previously,” Kevin Boscher, CIO of Brooks Macdonald told CNBC Wednesday.

Citigroup becomes last big U.S. bank to join payments network – Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Citigroup Inc on Wednesday became the last of the big U.S. banks to agree to allow customers to send instant payments by mobile phone over an industry network that is competing with upstart Venmo.

Germany ‘prepares Deutsche Bank rescue’ – BBC
The German government is working on a rescue plan for Deutsche Bank in case it cannot pay US fines, according to Die Zeit newspaper.

Like dodgy plumbing, Deutsche Bank will be expensive to fix – but not impossible – The Telegraph

Banker ‘corrupted by boys’ jollies perks’ – BBC
A banker who oversaw business loan losses of £245m provided loans to people he worked with for free travel and access to a credit card, it has been claimed.

The Deutsche Bank crisis could take Angela Merkel down – and the Euro – The Telegraph

Banks struggle to make blockchain scale – Financial Times
Technology must be designed differently for financial institutions

Want to be fabulously wealthy? Here’s the degree you’ll need – The Telegraph


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