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The Finanser’s Week: 13th February – 19th February 2017

This week’s blogs are all about how the internet started and where it’s future is going …

The Birth of Computing and Development of the Web

The last chapter of ValueWeb talks about what comes after the third-generation internet: the internet of value.  This is the internet being built today, based upon shared ledgers, cloud, apps, APIs and analytics.  Of course, the next generation is the internet of things.  But …

web 1.0, the 1990s and the arrival of Elon Musk and mates

Web 1.0 – the network begins As mentioned yesterday, almost half a century of developments in technology led to the launch of the web as we know it today, following Tim Berners-Lee’s paper detailing HTML and URLs.  This was in 1990 and, consequently, the internet …

web 2.0, the 2000s and lovely jubbly, social networking

From the origins of the internet in 1990, the end of the 1990s saw the emergence of e-commerce and a plethora of payments services and commercial websites.  Then not a great deal happened until the internet became social.  Blog platforms like WordPress and Typepad emerged …

web 3.0, the 2010s and an internet of markets

Now we move onto the third-generation internet, web 3.0.  What is web 3.0?  It’s not been well defined or described.  Many would say it’s the internet of things, but I disagree.  The internet of things is emerging, but it cannot exist until a bridge between …

web 4.0, the 2020s and the Internet of Things

We are already entering the fourth-generation internet, the internet of things, but it won’t really take off until the next decade, the 2020s.  Sure, we have self-driving Teslas and Nest home appliances, along with Samsung’s Smart Things, but it’s not mainstream yet.  For example, none …


The latest news headlines …

RBS accused of fraud and forgery by customers and ex-employee – BBC
RBS customers and a former employee of RBS accuse it of manipulating documents, which the bank denies.

Lloyd’s of London angers staff with workday boozing ban – BBC
The insurance market’s no-alcohol rule sounds the death knell for the traditional City lunch.

Geeks venture into Goldman Sachs’ world of big deals and egos – Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Technology whizzes who helped Goldman Sachs eliminate hundreds of trading jobs over the past few years are venturing into the bank’s flagship M&A business, making some junior bankers uneasy.

HSBC names veteran banker to helm ring-fenced business – The Telegraph

Steven Mnuchin: the man who went from Goldman Sachs to US Treasury Secretary via Magic Mike XXL – The Telegraph

Bank of Tech squeezes traditional institutions – Financial Times
Facebook, Amazon, Alipay and others cut out banks in providing payment services

Pay as you speak: Santander revamps voice banking app – The Telegraph
Santander customers will be able to make payments with their voice by talking to their smartphone app, in yet another sign of the technological revolution that is transforming the banking industry.

Co-op Bank up for sale after Bank of England warned its finances were off track – The Telegraph

Credit Suisse to cut 5,500 jobs in 2017 after $2.4 billion full-year loss – Reuters
ZURICH (Reuters) – Credit Suisse posted a 2.44 billion Swiss franc ($2.43 billion) net loss for 2016, its second straight year in the red, keeping pressure on Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam to deliver on his turnaround plan for Switzerland’s second-biggest bank.

RBS plays down claim it will cut 15,000 jobs – The Telegraph


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