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The Finanser’s Week: 1st May – 7th May 2017

A summary of the main blogs of the week …

Frictionless Finance with FinTech

Larry Summers, former director of the National Economic Council for President Barack Obama, writes a regular column in The Financial Times.  His latest piece is his take on FinTech, which has the main headline that FinTech is taking away frictions in finance.  Yep.  The frictions are …

FinTech Unicorns: what’s the real number?

Chris M Skinner 3 days ago FintechGridNumbersOpinion 0 Comments

There are different views of what constitutes a FinTech Unicorn.  For example, Techcrunch lists just 20 (+1) FinTech Unicorns today: ANT Financial $60B (Feb 2017) Lufax                 …

President Trump’s plans to replace Dodd-Frank

I see that Donald Trump is thinking about bringing back Glass-Steagall style laws to the US banks.  This would force the banks to separate and break up their operations between their investment bank and the retail and commercial bank structures.  It intrigues me that this is being …

What a load of COBOLx

I was inspired to think more about the legacy challenge in the legacy economies when I saw this article by the inimitable Anna Irrera (she’s worth following if you’re on twitter).  She was lamenting the state of US bank systems and how they’re hiring retired …

America’s troubled regulatory regime laid bare by the OCC

I’m regularly blogging and talking about the legacy economy known as America.  This will irritate my American colleagues, but come on, which country still issues more checks (cheques) than the rest of the world combined?  Which country took a decade longer to get Chip & …


The key headlines of the past week include …

JP Morgan may move hundreds of jobs in pre-Brexit move – BBC
US bank JP Morgan could move up to 1,000 jobs out of London ahead of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

HSBC profits fall as bank bids to restore flagging revenues – BBC
Europe’s largest bank has been restructuring amid changes in senior management.

Ignore €100bn Brexit bill and focus on trade deal, CBI tells London and EU – The Telegraph

Standard Chartered and JP Morgan step up Brexit plans – The Telegraph

Warning over fake bank websites targeting British savers – Technology
Hundreds of fake websites that appear to be owned by major high street banks have been discovered online, raising fears that fraudsters are targeting UK savers.

Juncker goes to WAR with Italy’s oldest bank Monte dei Paschi putting bailout under threat – Express
The controversial call comes days after the unelected president announced he is to take Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Portugal to court over their reluctance to introduce legislation governing mortgages.

Barclays boss embroiled in KKR dispute with brother-in-law – The Telegraph

LSE fires back at EU plot to seize euro-clearing   – The Telegraph

Bank of Mum and Dad now equivalent to the ninth biggest mortgage lender, paying out £6.5bn – The Telegraph

RBS lawsuit set to draw Fred Goodwin into court – Financial Times
Former chief a defendant in blockbuster £700m High Court lawsuit brought by investors


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