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The Finanser’s Week: 29th May – 4th June 2017

This week I’ve been mainly blogging about developments in Africa and China. 

Thoughts on Dot Finance Africa …

We need some education (but no thought control)

I often think we need a reality check when it comes to digital finance.  Many of the pundit analysts and influencers out there believe no one needs a branch visit and that everything can be done remotely on devices.  I don’t.  I’ve mentioned this many …

MNOs sweep up Africa at the banks’ expense

During the discussions at Dot Finance Africa, there was a very interesting dialogue about the mobile network operators (MNOs), with panels featuring Airtel and M-PESA.  It was interesting to hear them talking directly about how they focus upon the customer experience and their singular objective …

Africa is leap-frogging the financial world with mobile

Expanding on yesterday’s discussion of how MNOs are sweeping up business for the underbanked and unbanked, Igor Pesin of Life.SREDA posted a lovely update giving even more detail.  Here is how he saw things … Fintech in Rwanda: the place where Telcos are surpassing Banks …

Barclays Africa and their co-creation projects

I saw a really interesting presentation in Kigali at the Dot Finance Africa FinTech Summit from Yasaman Hadjibashi, Chief Creation Officer with Barclays Africa (soon to be something else). She began with a discussion of the make-up of Africa: By 2050, it is expected that the …

Thoughts on China …

Are you a Chinese bull or bear?

I’m hearing murmurs of a financial crisis rising again.  It’s just rumours and gossip, but sometimes there’s no smoke without fire.  My forecast for another major global financial crisis was that it wouldn’t occur until the 2040s but, as James Dimon noted, a financial crisis …

Tencent WeChat and WeChat Pay

I’ve written a lot about Ant and Alibaba, but not so much Tencent, even though QQ social networking in China was a hot, hot topic a few years ago.  It was the first social platform to launch its own currency and, with 300 million users, …


The main news headlines this week are …

City firms won’t get away with ‘letterbox’ EU hubs after Brexit, watchdog warns  – The Telegraph

TV presenter Noel Edmonds unveils ‘countdown’ website in Lloyds compensation campaign – The Telegraph

Aviva eyeing AI and big data in bid to become fintech firm – The Telegraph
Aviva is eyeing acquisitions in artificial intelligence and big data as it looks to overhaul the insurance industry and transform itself into a fintech firm.

How will the rollout of open banking affect me? – The Scotsman
Next year some rather dry-sounding banking regulations known as PSD2 will be implemented in the United Kingdom. And while the effect of PSD2 (European Payment Services Directive 2) might not be immediate, it could eventually transform the way we spend our money, treat our banks and choose our services.

How to get a UK banking or e-money license: the basics – IT Pro Portal
More complex full banking application process involves the following four main steps.

Brexit: French officials in ‘serious’ talks with banks about leaving London – The Independent
French officials are having serious talks with financial institutions looking to move away from London as Britain prepares to quit the EU, the governor of the French central bank has said.

Banks concerned over being able to meet EU data protection deadline – Financial Times
Ageing and complex IT systems could scupper demand for overhaul within a year

You can now set up borderless businesses and bank accounts online as e-residents of Estonia – Wired
Since the vote to leave the European Union, there’s been a “sharp” rise in people wanting to become a digital citizen of Estonia.

Bank of England fat cats blew £20K of public money on four bosses’ leaving dos within weeks – The Sun
The Bank of England blew nearly £20,000 of public cash on four bosses’ leaving dos within weeks.

Aviva eyeing AI and big data in bid to become fintech firm – The Telegraph


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