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DenizBank, Turkey … the visible bank

One of the presentations I particularly enjoyed at the EFMA meeting was from Gürhan Çam, Senior Vice President- Digital Banking at DenizBank, Turkey.  You will all know by now that I love the innovations in retail banking in Turkey, and Gürhan didn’t disappoint.

First, there is the fastPay Wallet.  With fastPay you can do send money to a mobile phone, withdraw cash from ATM without a card, shop with fastPay businesses and top-up cash for prepaid cards.

Second, DenizBank offers a complete Digital Chief Financial Officer for small businesses, called Kumsal. Kumsal has been building a community of small sized enterprises and providing them with tools to help them manage, promote and grow their businesses via the cloud. Digital services include everything from contact management to social media integration and publishing to sales tracking and reporting.

But the really interesting piece was that DenizBank made a TV series! Called Görünen Adam, it’s a 10-part comedy about The Visible Man. Each episode is around 20 minutes, with Episode 1 achieving over 1.75 million views.  Here’s Episode 1:

With a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb, which is a pretty good rating, the series is very popular in Turkey.  It has had over 16 million views since launch in May, and has over 200,000 subscribers to the channel.  Compare this with DenizBank’s YouTube channel which has 3,500 subscribers, and you can see why they’re pleased with the exposure.

All in all, Turkish banks once again show that they have some pretty bright ideas and innovations.



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