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The Finanser’s Week: 17th July – 23rd July 2017

This week’s main blog headlines are …

Why FinTech start-ups think they can beat the banks

There’s an old joke about the guy who’s lost driving in the countryside who stops to ask a pedestrian how to get to the city.  The pedestrian replies: “oh, if you want to get there, I wouldn’t start from here”, and this is exactly how …

DenizBank, Turkey … the visible bank

One of the presentations I particularly enjoyed at the EFMA meeting was from Gürhan Çam, Senior Vice President- Digital Banking at DenizBank, Turkey.  You will all know by now that I love the innovations in retail banking in Turkey, and Gürhan didn’t disappoint. First, there …

Five financial innovations you may have missed

I just attended an EFMA conference where the opening presentation talked about the most innovative banks in the world. They may or may not be, you can decide, as I’m posting some of their stories here.  These are the ones I quite liked, so it’s not …

What happened to the bitcoin bubble?

I was interviewed by UBS’s wealth management team a month ago, when the bitcoin bubble was in full bloom. The price had exploded, tripling in a month. Now that it has burst, the interview seems quite prescient so, here it is … UBS interview with …

I’m an Englishman in China

I talked earlier about the homogenization of the world as we are all become globally connected, seeking global brands using a global language through global platforms.  I truly believe that will happen, as it’s the natural outcome of the fourth age of humanity where we …


The latest news headlines …

Revealed: The world’s 10 largest companies by revenue – The Telegraph

Spain’s ‘secret credit card banker’ Blesa found shot dead – BBC
Miguel Blesa was given a jail term for a corruption scandal that ensnared dozens of other bankers.

Credit and debit card surcharges to be banned – BBC
The worst offenders are airlines and food delivery apps, the government says.

Swedish challenger Handelsbanken posts record profits – The Telegraph

The Boston Consulting Group Says Banking Needs to Become More Bionic – Crowdfund Insider
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is out with a report on retail banking and the emerging Fintech sector that is looking to disrupt traditional banks.

Former Barclays chief will stand trial over Qatari fundraising in January 2019 – The Telegraph

Who are the seven female bosses in the FTSE 100? – The Telegraph

Britons face lifetime of debt as Bank of England warns over 35 year mortgages – Telegraph
British families are signing up for a lifetime of debt with almost one in seven borrowers now taking out mortgages of 35 years or more, official figures show.

Westerman in the frame to be next chief executive at HSBC – The Telegraph

City envoy says France wants ‘disruptive’ Brexit – BBC
A leaked memo claims France wants Brexit to cause ‘disruption’ and a weaker City of London.


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