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The Finanser’s Week: 7th August – 13th August 2017

This week’s main blog headlines are …

Banks are failing digital due to legacy and leadership (Harvard research)

Just found an interesting document from Harvard Business Review with the title: How financial services views the digital agenda. It is the result of research conducted by the Harvard Business Review with the Genpact Research Institute, looking at the impact of dgitilaisation in finance, and …

Banks bloody battle over Brexit

Just over a year ago, it was predicted that the skies would fall, the earth would open and fire and brimstone would rain down all over Britain if we voted to leave Europe. Our people ignored all the dire warnings – what do experts know? …

Balancing experience and vision

A year ago, I wrote a piece about Fin and Tech being like Father and Son. The thing that I was noting is the chasm between bank leadership teams, who are generally men over 50, and FinTech startups, who typically have young visionaries and significant …

Shape the future of European FinTech regulations

It was interesting to see the release of a discussion paper by the EBA (European Banking Authority) last Friday. As a regulatory body, they have decided that they need to take action on FinTech, and are asking for input on what action to take. The …

Your CFO is an algorithm

I was talking to a group of Treasury folks and the guy before me gave a pitch about the CFO of the future.  The pitch focused upon how the CFO would be managing risk, incorporating different technologies, managing M&A, dealing with globalisation and so on …

Sam Maule joins 11:FS

You may be aware that I am a Non-Executive Director of 11:FS. If not, have you not been awake for the past year, and the success the guys are having? Not only have they won some of the biggest digital bank transformation projects in Europe …


The latest news headlines …

I was a trader on the day of the financial crash – this is what really happened – The Independent
I answered a call to a frenzied account of an extraordinary development in the financial markets. My colleague kept repeating that things were ‘crazy’ and ‘completely mad’

Here’s the ‘snoozing’ giant that could crush bank stocks – CNBC
The banking industry is not paying depositors and fund providers reasonable rates for their money, according to data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which insures those deposits.

The 10 rarest and most valuable British coins in circulation – The Telegraph

‘We’re going to run out of money in the afternoon’ – BBC
Alistair Darling on the worst moment of the financial crash

Why are Britain’s banks blaming customers for online banking fraud? – The Guardian
RBS’s Ross McEwan claims it is not banks’ responsibility if money goes to fraudsters. Despite promised reforms, meaningful change seems years away

Bank of England covered up failed WW1 loan deal – BBC
There were fears that revealing lack of investment would have damaged the morale of the British people.

Bank of England fears flood of EU firms could swamp its staff – The Telegraph

Tandem app in deal to take over Harrods Bank – Financial Times
Deal gives financial services group banking licence after failed Chinese investment

Banks issue new sort codes in ringfencing of high street operations – The Guardian
Barclays begins process of moving up to 900,000 accounts to comply with Vickers rules, which aim to avoid taxpayer bailouts

UK’s challenger banks face fresh headwinds – Financial Times
Several lenders sound alarm over consumer credit, housing slowdown and capital


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