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The Finanser’s Week: 18th September – 24th September 2017

This week’s main blog headlines are …

How do you see the world?

I was reflecting on an interview about the role and importance of Asian, and specifically Chinese, FinTech when something exploded in the middle of my head. Not literally, of course, although you might have said that, but more an idea that had occurred to me …

The Open Finance Marketplace in Action (six video interviews)

I mentioned the Lego Bank not built by Lego recently. It’s all about the Open Marketplace of apps, APIs and analytics, and I said that the idea was illustrated well by firms like Solaris, Clear.bank and Bud. Just to follow on from that, here is a …

Which banks are leading digital (and who are the laggards)?

I’ve written a lot about legacy and the challenge of old systems, so it’s interesting to read a few press reports on said subjects. Yolanda Bobeldijk writes in the Financial News that 92 of the world’s top 100 banks still rely on IBM mainframes. Now …

A banker’s view of bitcoin

I just got this commentary from a banker and thought it worth sharing … Bitcoin – Desperately seeking Satoshi Nakamoto By John Wyn-Evans, Head of Investment Strategy at Investec Wealth & Investment All the ingredients for life on earth were available in the primordial soup, …

The regulator’s view of bitcoin, 2017

As part of the blockchain conference, I chaired a session with some central bankers talking about their views on distributed ledger technologies. These central banks have run trials and are thinking about it, but none of them are particularly big on blockchain right now. As …

What is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation?

I was asked to explain what I meant by haven’t central bankers realised that democratised trust is in the technologies and code? when I blogged about the regulator’s views on bitcoin the other day. I wasn’t going to answer, but then have been prompted to …


The latest news headlines …

UK’s high street banks are accident waiting to happen, says report – The Guardian
Bank of England’s stress tests are not gruelling enough, says report to mark 10 years since run on Northern Rock

Challenger bank Tandem to buy Harrods Bank – what it means for you – Money Saving Expert
A challenger bank is set to buy Harrods Bank, in a move which would see existing customers of the luxury store’s spin-off moved across to the Tandem brand.

10x, founded by the ex-CEO of Barclays, raises $46M to take on ancient banking infrastructure – Techcrunch
The fintech revolution continues apace, and while many startups are hoping that newer and better tech will help them take business away from traditional banks, today a company has received a large round of funding to help those incumbent institutions better compete.

Co-op Bank finance boss leaves just weeks after rescue deal – The Telegraph

Dirty money? Mystery over shredded €500 notes in Swiss sewers – The Guardian
Investigation launched after discovery of tens of thousands of euros in plumbing system at UBS bank and bistros in Geneva Tens of thousands of euros have been flushed down the toilet in Geneva, leaving Swiss prosecutors scratching their heads over whether the money is dirty. Wads of €500 notes were

Finger-based payment system begins roll-out – The Telegraph

RBS avoids forced sale of Williams & Glyn – The Telegraph

HSBC: We were wrong to predict slide in pound this year – The Telegraph

The Bank of England can’t remain in its ‘Brexit’ parallel universe forever – Spectator
The pound is plunging on the markets, and companies are re-locating to Paris and Frankfurt in droves. In the parallel universe Mark Carney increasingly seems to live in, that is a pretty accurate description of the British economy. In this universe, however, the picture is very different.

Exclusive: At least 16 million bank cardholders exposed to fraud risk over PIN loophole – Telegraph
Three bank card providers are accused of putting customers at risk of fraud after it emerged that they are allowing shoppers to make card payments without PINs.


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