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The Finanser’s Week: 23rd October – 29th October 2017

This week was all #Money2020 …

The latest on Apple Pay (#Money2020)

I just attended the Money2020 opening session where Jennifer Bailey, who heads up Apple Pay, made a series of statements and announcements about the three-year anniversary of Apple Pay. Released on October 20, 2014, the wallet is now used extensively in the USA and 19 …

Most start-ups are layering new tech on old bank products (#Money2020)

I just hosted the money2020 banking session. There’s a lot I could write about from that session, but I’m going to cherry pick a few highlights and begin with the part that got the most activity from the audience: the mobile first start-ups. This was …

Blockchain’s slow burn to reality …

Another great #Money2020 day, and this one spent mainly in the blockchain stream. Adam Lutwin, CEO of Chain who I referred to recently, kicked off the day with a beginners guide to the crypto world. It was real good. That was followed by a panel …

Regulating the blockchain: good for government, bad for citizens

I’m running around the different areas of #Money2020, meeting folks, seeing exhibit demos, hearing track streams and listening to plenary keynotes. To be honest, the keynotes here are just product pitches so I spend most of my time in the track streams, where real dialogue …

Survival of the most adaptable

Wrapping up thoughts on #Money2020, the Vegas show is by far the biggest of this monster event organising company. I’m guessing there were around 15,000 folks there this year, and everything but everything was being covered: AI, machine learning, mobile wallets, core banking, distributed ledger, …

And one more …

Preparing for the Coming Crypto Revolution

Today, I received a guest post from David Demar, cryptocurrency disciple, author and a writer for NoStop.net. I really liked what he sent through and thought it worth a share as it complements quite a bit of what I’ve covered in the last week.  Enjoy! Preparing …


This week’s key headlines include …

Foreign banks paid £17.3bn in UK tax last year – The Telegraph

Barclays profits jump 31% to £1.1bn – BBC
Barclays’ third-quarter profits jump by 31%, although investment banking profits were sharply down.

EU banks spared ringfencing rules imposed on British lenders – The Telegraph

Cryptocurrency companies forced to bank outside UK – Financial Times
Traditional lenders fear the rising sector is full of criminals and fraudsters

Punishing City of London will damage EU, says Luxembourg finance minister  – The Telegraph

Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch hit with £34.5m fine for breaking reporting rule – The Telegraph

Britain can’t prosper as a tax haven. It has to stop these hollow threats | Nicholas Shaxson – The Guardian
Brexiteers fantasise about a new offshore status outside the EU, but it would bring in dirty money not wealth creation Britain’s economic strategies have been dogged for many years by an elusive concept called “competitiveness”. Back in January Philip Hammond even tried to use it as threat in the Brexit

Fidelity chairman deals with fallout from sexual harassment claims – Reuters
BOSTON (Reuters) – Less than a year into her tenure as chairman of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson faces a crisis amid allegations that the mutual fund giant has a men’s club mentality.

Balancing the books – BBC
The father of double-entry bookkeeping wrote the definitive guide in 1494.

FCA reports surge in suspicious transactions – Financial Times
Data indicate possible market abuse after tighter EU rules introduced


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