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The Finanser’s Week: 11th December – 17th December 2017

This week’s main blog headlines are …

Look East for innovation

I often talk about faster horses and how banks think digital is doing banking cheaper and faster. It’s all about efficiency and effectiveness. So, I was asked the other day: where is the car? After all, it’s easy to call out banks for doing banking …

The economics of our future world

Taking of moving from the concept of a Universal Basic Income to money without government to tokens to credits, I’ve been reading a fascinating book recently on Star Trek’s economics called Trekonomics. Released in 2016, I thought it would be some frivolous Trekkie’s drooling over …

Much to learn, you still have

I seem to grapple daily with the same or similar questions: how to regulate things that don’t recognise boundaries; how to structure a world that is unstructured; the role of authorities in a democratised planet; is there such a thing as money without government? I …

Where are all the women?

Despite there being many capable women in banking, finance and technology, it is surprising how few are at the top of the companies I talk about. Most FinTech start-ups I refer to are run by young men, whilst most banks are run by old men. …

Rwanda: Africa’s first cashless economy?

Another presentation that was enlightening was delivered by Jean Claude Gaga, CEO of RSwitch Ltd, the national e-payment switch of Rwanda. Jean Claude gave an overview of how Rwanda is moving towards a cashless economy and I was particularly interested as I chair Dot Finance …


The latest news headlines …

NatWest bank spat prompts web security changes – BBC
The bank told a security expert “sorry you feel this way” when a potential vulnerability was found.

Deutsche Bank sells chunk of Polish business to Santander – Financial Times
€305m deal to offload private and commercial banking arms in central European country

Britain’s indebted credit card customers could save up to £1.3bn under new rules – The Telegraph

The top grossing Christmas films of all time – The Telegraph

The Old Lady in danger as Bank of England ditches gendered language – The Telegraph

Banks set to move fewer than 4,600 City jobs over Brexit – Financial Times
FT research shows 6 per cent of staff might move, despite claims of tens of thousands

South Africa whistleblower aids HSBC money laundering investigation – The Telegraph

Hedge funds reap rich returns from cryptocurrencies – Financial Times

Why banks will share your financial secrets – BBC
Your financial information, such as what you spend and where, and how often you go into debt is private. It is information only available to you and your bank.

The ‘bank’ message that cost a student £5,400 of her loan money – The Guardian
When Alison Dean received a text from her bank, the Co-operative, asking whether she had just made a £999 purchase – asking her to call the bank if she hadn’t – she did what many of us would have done, and dialled the number in the message.


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