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The Finanser’s Week: 18th March 2018 – 25th March 2018

The main blog headlines are …

The lies spread by bankers about cryptocurrencies

I had a chat with The Financial Times the other day, and provided lots of background as to why I don’t think cryptocurrencies are the choice of criminals. The comment that was reported was the following: Chris Skinner, a financial technology author, said it was “complete …

The best plastic out there (Cards & Payments Awards)

I used to be on the Judging Panel for the Cards & Payments Awards but dropped out a few years ago as my travel schedule got too gruelling to give any time. Nevertheless, I’m always interested to see who wins and why, so here’s this …

It’s three minutes to midnight

Last year I wrote about the ten year ticking timebomb, and I thought I’d come back to it as my mind has moved on a bit. That’s why I now talk about three minutes to midnight. Midnight is when it’s too late for the bank …

How quantum will change everything (including banking, money and security)

I know that we deal with quite complicated things in financial technologies. AI, AGI, ASI (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Super Intelligence); machine learning and deep learning; blockchain, shared ledgers and distributed ledger technologies; cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and digital currencies; Open Banking and Open …

Do bankers believe the Sun goes around the Earth?

Twenty-five years ago (yes, I am seriously old!) I was a consultant to insurance companies and banks talking about Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). The thrust of my focus was to redesign the company from a customer-centric view first. The consultancy did get business but rarely …


This week’s main news headlines are …

What’s Your Bank Learning From Your Cell Phone? – Forbes
Mobile phones can provide lots of information about their owners, but most banks aren’t taking advantage, often because they don’t know what is available or because they don’t have the expertise to use the mobile information well.

Banking inquiry has already exposed shocking corruption – but it needs more time | Philip Soos – The Guardian
Deregulation has helped parts of the financial industry to become captured by fraudsters Faked pay slips, forged documents and cash-stuffed envelopes used as bribes to secure loans are just some of the examples of dodgy practices exposed so far by the banking royal commission. But before you think “some people

Brussels to offer City market access — but on EU’s terms – Financial Times
Explicit reference to financial services in guidelines annex is shift in approach

RBS works up plans for standalone digital bank – The Telegraph

Aldermore to push into business banking following FirstRand takeover – The Telegraph

Barclays wakes up to find a bull called Bramson in the shop – The Guardian
Activist investor Ed Bramson, not known for his charm, makes a move into the big league Get ready for some sport at Barclays. Edward Bramson, an activist investor out of New York with a taste for barging into boardrooms and metaphorically smashing up the crockery, has unveiled a 5% stake

£90m seized from dormant bank accounts – Sky News
Around £90m seized from dormant UK bank accounts will be used to tackle racial inequality among jobseekers. The fund will be announced by Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday as part of a drive to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into work.

Bank of America’s European president to step down – The Telegraph
Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s European president Alex Wilmot-Sitwell is leaving the North Carolina-based bank, in a move likely to raise eyebrows across the industry given his role in shaping the bank’s response to Brexit.

Challenger bank chief calls for cuts in red tape after Brexit to stimulate competition – The Telegraph

MasterCard keeps options open on cryptocurrencies – Financial Times
Card company ‘happy to look at’ use of digital currencies issued by central banks


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