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The Finanser’s Week: 2nd April 2018 – 8th April 2018

The main blog headlines are …

The Big Digital Banks: JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs

I was having a chat about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking the other day. It was an interesting conversation, although most of the examples were for customer service via Chatbots, which doesn’t impress me much. I know that systems like Erica, short for Bank of …

To understand banking’s future, it is important to think about its past

I was super impressed by an article written by FinTech friend Bradley Leimer for International Banker the other day, and asked if I could share on the blog. Bradley kindly said yes, so here you are. Enjoy the read! The Invisible Hand of Financial Services by …

What FinTech means to banks

There’s a lot of discussion about FinTech and what it means to banks. Originally, everyone was talking about disruption, disintermediation and dissing banks. Then the discussion went to incumbents versus start-ups. Then it ended up last year about partnering and co-creation. I personally believe most …

Digital banks are 35+ times more productive than traditional banks

I’m launching the new book Digital Human in New York on April 12 (if you want to come, register here), following on from our recent London launch. In London, I was delighted to host Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays Bank UK, and Li Wang, Head …


This week’s main news headlines are …

Deutsche Bank system replacement already paying back – Computer Weekly
Deutsche Bank has so far saved £9m and eliminated the need for 18 applications through a system designed to replace multiple legacy systems and applications used to report its daily trading positions.

HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani facing extradition to Switzerland – The Guardian
IT specialist who exposed wrongdoing at HSBC’s Swiss private bank is arrested in Spain, where he has lived since 2013 Hervé Falciani, the whistleblower who exposed wrongdoing at HSBC’s Swiss private bank, is facing extradition from Spain to Switzerland after he was arrested in Madrid this week. Related: HSBC whistleblower

Barclays’ credit rating downgraded to just above ‘junk’ – The Telegraph

Inside the takedown of the alleged €1bn cyber bank robber – Wired
The Carbanak cybercrime group, named after one piece of malware it used to access banking systems, is suspected of stealing €1 billion from financial organisations since its early attacks in 2013 and has targeted more than 100 financial institutions in at least 40 countries. The UK, Spain and Russia are among the countries targeted within the last four years.

Deutsche Bank’s Infighting Has a Cost – Bloomberg
As Deutsche Bank AG hurries to rearrange the deckchairs in its boardroom, the firm is losing market share in some of its most important investment banking divisions. If something doesn’t change soon, there won’t be much of a business left for its new directors to oversee.

HSBC boss said to mull further cuts to Europe’s largest bank – The Telegraph

HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani arrested in Spain – Financial Times

Threat to fintech industry as young coders shun London over Brexit – Financial Times
Sector opening new offices in EU to help pursue and keep talent

Five Key Players at the Heart of Deutsche Bank’s Drama – Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank AG is again under scrutiny as Chairman Paul Achleitner seeks to replace Chief Executive Officer John Cryan, who is taking longer than hoped to turn the bank around.

As Wall Street sinks, Trump is his own worst enemy – Reuters
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – As far as the stock market is concerned, U.S. President Donald Trump is, right now, his own worst enemy.


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