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The Finanser’s Week: 28th May 2018 – 3rd June 2018

The main blog headlines are …

So you think Alipay is just for the Chinese?

I’ve got caught in a few discussions recently with people who tell me Ant Financial are Chinese. They’re not. Neither is Alibaba and, if you think they’re just Chinese, you’re going to miss a huge change in the next decade. Ant Financial is an open …

Digital isn’t built in a day

For those who know me they know that I travel a lot and, in those travels, it is fairly obvious that the world is not homogenous. Whilst the Chinese leapfrog the West and move to mobile banking, Europeans are seeing a surge of new banks …

When an app replaces 1200 bank branches …

I was invited to address a commercial bank this week, and they wanted me to make it specific to their strategy. In reading their strategy, I saw something that jumped off the page: new branches. Why, in the digital age, would any bank be opening …

What cost a system outage?

A month ago, I blogged about the problems at TSB when implementing the change-over of their core systems. Yes, core systems replacements are challenging, but they’re not risky when done right. Unfortunately, TSB’s change-over shows all the marks of how to get it wrong. Not …

The long-term banking future: who are the winners?

I’ve used a statement for a while now about the competitive landscape of finance in the future. It goes something like: Banks have millions of customers, billions of capital and centuries of history, but are hampered by heritage; Start-ups have no customers, little capital and …


This week’s main news headlines are …

Anti-Brexit tycoon George Soros says EU faces ‘existential crisis’ – BBC
Brexit is “immensely damaging” and must be stopped but the EU also must change, says George Soros.

Canadian Banks: Cyber Thieves Claim They Have Stolen 40,000 Clients’ Data – Gizmodo
Two of Canada’s biggest banks fear that they’ve been the victim of a data breach and are urging customers to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

Graduate applications flood Deutsche and other banks – Financial Times
Concerns of work-life balance and Brexit uncertainty fail to dim demand for bank jobs

Treasury and BoE clash over City of London regulation after Brexit – Financial Times
Officials say central bank deputy governor Jon Cunliffe has fallen out with Treasury

Chinese bank chief found dead inside his office – South China Morning Post
The chairman of a regional bank in China’s northern city of Tianjin has been found dead in his office after his wrists had been slit, state media has reported.

Bank of England open to idea of central bank issued digital currency – Bitcoinist
According to a report from Bloomberg, while the governor admitted openness to the idea, he was quick to point out that a central-bank-issued digital currency was not yet on the horizon.

Busking goes cashless with ‘a world first’ for London – BBC
London introduces a contactless payment scheme for buskers that allows tap-to-pay donations.

RBS told to scrap branch closures to help vulnerable customers – The Telegraph

RBS’s profits offer the boss some shelter from shareholders – The Guardian
Ross McEwan faces some hard questions at the bank’s AGM this week. At least he has some good news to fall back on It is unlikely Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Ross McEwan expected the positive results announced in April to quell anger among a significant body of his

For richer or poorer: why bank M&A is back after 10 quiet years – Financial Times
Defensive tactics and the need for IT investment are behind rising deal appetite


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