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The Finanser’s Week: 16th July 2018 – 22nd July 2018

The main blog headlines this week are …

Some challenger banks are challenging

The UK’s challenger banks are busy getting on with it. They’ve got their licences, they’ve deployed their services, they’re partnering with third parties and creating marketplaces. Much of this was cited in a report by CBInsights, comparing the features of the five most notable new …

The chasm between banks with digital leadership and those without

During #Money2020Europe Tink, the Swedish challenger bank, interviewed me on my opinions about all things finance and technology. It’s only five minutes and think it’s probably worth the viewing as people are picking up on various comments I made, such as: “The leadership team has …

Will the UK’s #Brexit plans kill London?

It was interesting reading as the UK issued its Brexit plan last Thursday. A 98-page white paper outlines the details of what Britain is asking for in leaving the European Union. Most of it is unworkable, but then Brexit itself is likely unworkable. After all, …

The danger of the technology testing hole

A common response to technology is to test it. The problem with testing technology is that it is just a test. A false implementation. It is not designed for reality and can lead to false results. For example, I remember one UK bank testing new …

The Pet Shop Boys said “Go West” … they got it wrong

I’ve been talking a lot about the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres these days. I’m adamant that these hemispheres are creating the future, whilst the North Western Hemisphere struggles with its legacy infrastructure. In particular, Europe and America are suffering from their old technology structures. Specifically, …


The major headlines this week include  …

Mobile bank cashiers used post-it notes for customers – Scotsman
Cashiers at an RBS mobile bank scribbled details of customer’s transactions on Post-It notes – after the internet signal failed.

The 10 highest-paying jobs of 2017 – The Telegraph

Ageing population puts UK on track for ‘unsustainable’ surge in debt, warns OBR – The Telegraph

No-deal Brexit would leave EU worse off than UK amid big consequences for all, warns Carney – The Telegraph

Revolut reports suspected money laundering on its system – Financial Times
Critics question if UK fintech can maintain defences against crime amid rapid growth

RBS £775m competition scheme setback blamed on executive hiring delays – The Telegraph

Goldman Sachs set to name part-time DJ David Solomon as its new boss – The Telegraph

Kodak Bitcoin mining ‘scam’ evaporates – BBC
The company behind a Kodak-branded crypto-currency scheme confirms the plan has collapsed.

Meet the CEO of ‘America’s Most Exciting Bank’—at Least as He’s Branded It – Wall Street Journal
Berkshire Hills Bancorp chief Michael Daly eschews suits and demands rock music at meetings. It’s an unconventional style meant to energize the bank’s 1,900 employees.

Why the euro zone hasn’t seen more cross-border bank mergers – The Economist
MERGERS of euro-area banks from different countries, a banker jokes, are “very much like teenage sex. There’s a lot of talk, but little action.


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