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The Finanser’s Week: 18th March – 24th March 2019

The main blog headlines are …

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank: the sick dogs of Europe #Brexit

Watching the debacle of the #Brexit debate in Britain, you might think that the UK is in a national meltdown. According to a survey on the front of Metro this week, 9 out of 10 Brits think that the political handling of Brexit is a …

The Art of the Corporate War

One of the greatest challenges in digital transformation is the cultural change, that has to be led with passion and commitment from the top-down. As I’ve already mentioned, that means a Board mandate and the Chair and CEO being fully on board. But what about …

The true meaning of Open Banking

A year ago I blogged about invisible banking and that I have some issues with it, namely that the bank brand disappears and the customer finds it too easy to spend without thinking. Now, I read more and more about embedded banking, contextual banking, frictionless …

The bank CIO sees most tech firms as blah, blah, blah

I can understand why bankers can be sceptical about what technologists say. For years, technologists have been telling them that their business is threatened by technological change. They’ve been shouting that they will be disintermediated; they say that the bank must change and change fast …

Women in FinTech: do you care?

I’ve written quite often about Sexism in the City and am intrigued by discussions of diversity, or the lack thereof, in both banking and technology. Google and more have been told they’re not hiring enough women, and Amazon’s AI engine recently trained itself to ignore women’s …


And the top news headlines this week are …

A Proposed Megadeal Exposes the Grim Outlook for Europe’s Banks – Bloomberg

The world’s largest money manager has a stark warning: More than a decade after the global financial crisis, European banks still face a long and tortuous path to recovery.

Growing payments firms may pose systemic risk – Financial Times

Regulators must keep pace with the innovation in digital money

Brexit only costs: 7,000 city jobs and £600m tax – Financial Times

Financial services groups are set to to move £1tn of assets and 7,000 jobs out of UK

India’s most wanted man Nirav Modi arrested trying to open bank account in London after The Telegraph tracked him down – The Telegraph

Lloyds faces £300m bill for SLA divorce – Financial Times

Reports on the arbitration case read rather like the accounts of a costly marital split

Are 40-year mortgages becoming the new normal? – The Telegraph

U.S. firm FIS buys Worldpay for $35 billion in payments deal bonanza – Reuters

By Justin George Varghese, Rachel Armstrong and Pamela Barbaglia

UK regulators press for overhaul of Metro Bank board – Financial Times

Regulators are pressing for an overhaul of Metro Bank’s board, amid mounting investor criticism of the troubled lender’s weak corporate governance. Metro, rocked by a serious accounting error in January, announced last month that Ben Gunn,

UK bankers on standby as City readies no-deal contingency plans – The Guardian

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and others poised to move staff to EU offices by 29 March Hundreds of UK bankers at JP Morgan and dozens from Goldman Sachs are on standby for relocation to EU offices by 29 March, regardless of parliament’s vote to delay Brexit. The exodus is likely

One man’s fight exposes the greed that still drives big banks | Kevin McKenna – The Guardian

John Guidi, bankrupted by mis-sold loans, today starts a hunger strike outside the Clydesdale Bank’s headquarters Few other issues seemed to define the essential wickedness at the heart of unrestrained capitalism than the conduct of the banking industry during and after the financial crash of 2008. In the pursuit of


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