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The Finanser’s Week: 25th March – 31st March 2019

The main blog headlines are …

Blockchain is dead

I used to blog about blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) almost once a week … four years ago. Today, I hardly blog about it at all. I guess it just shows what’s top of mind and what’s not at any time in FinTech and, …

If banks provide no advice, what do they provide?

For many years, banks have talked about moving away from transactions and towards advice. The branch is for advice. We will become trusted advisors. We see the value-add of banking is the information we can analyse around your data to offer advice. Complete rubbish. I’m …

Everything you need to know about Apple’s new credit card (and a bit more)

I was about to write a really nice piece about Apple’s announcement of the launch of a new credit card, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, when Brian Roemmele beat me to it. Who is Brian Roemmele you ask? And if you are asking that … WHERE …

Does FinTech worry policymakers?

Not sure if anyone noticed that the Financial Stability Board – the world’s central banks tasked with maintaining financial stability – produced a white paper on FinTech last month. It was published on Valentines Day, so you were probably busy, and I only just stumbled across …

Women in FinTech … yes, we care

So, I blogged last week about women in FinTech and whether we care, and got lots of replies … from women … who said yes, we care. Interesting that there were not so many replies from the other gender, but hey what do you expect? …


And the top news headlines this week are …

Turkey may be the spark that lights a fire in the world economy | Larry Elliott – Guardian

Erdogan’s costly move against currency speculators could prove to have major ripple effects The battle waged by Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan against currency speculators is a classic pyrrhic victory. The show of resolve by the self-styled strongman on Wednesday stopped investors from dumping the lira but at enormous cost in

Barclays investment bank boss ousted in shake-up – Financial Times

Tim Throsby to leave after barely two years as activist Bramson keeps up pressure

Jamie Dimon, spare us your crocodile tears about inequality | Robert Reich – The Guardian

If the CEO of JP Morgan really cared about American workers, he would put an end to corporate executives like him rigging the system If I may be so bold as to try to lure your attention away from Trump and Mueller for a moment, consider Jamie Dimon’s lament, delivered

Nutmeg turns to customers to raise up to £10m – Financial Times

UK robo-adviser has gathered £1.5bn in assets but is still making heavy losses

Apple to launch a new credit card with Goldman. Are the perks worth it? – Reuters

Apple Inc said on Monday it will launch a credit card with Goldman Sachs Group Inc this summer that can be used to earn cash back on the purchase of Apple products, but analysts suggest its rewards do not stand out among rivals.

Goldman’s Apple Card leaves questions unanswered – Financial Times

Latest move to expand consumer lending pitches the bank into a competitive market

Open banking – should I use it? – This is Money

A couple of my banks are promoting open banking, and it is FCA approved and regulated, so should I give it a shot?

£354m lost in bank transfer scams in 2018 – Which?

More than £354m was stolen from banking customers and small businesses through sophisticated bank transfer scams in 2018 – with only £83m ever recovered and returned to victims.

The European Union has bigger problems to deal with than Brexit – Guardian

The next recession will expose the eurozone as a half-baked project in need of leadership As the clock has ticked down towards Brexit, the state of the UK has attracted even more attention than normal. Every scrap of official data and every survey of business opinion has been pored over

Banks use AI to catch rogue traders before the act – Financial Times

Technology presents an opportunity to spot errant bankers before misconduct takes place



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