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The Finanser’s Week: 20th May – 26th May 2019

The main blog headlines are …

When will the FinTech bubble burst?

Reading about FinTech unicorns and pizzas worth $80 million, you would think that the world was bubbling over with wealth. FinTech investments last year peaked at over $110 billion, more than double the year before, and IPOs for firms like Uber and WeWorks are seeing …

Will children save planet earth?

After my recent blogs about Earth Day, Banking for Humanity, the FinTech Parent-Child relationship and Gen Y and Z: Doing good for society and the planet (an Earth Day FinTech update) Doing bad for society and the planet (an Earth Day banking update) Banking for …

Banking with a human touch (guest speech transcript)

Some bankers took exception to my calling them some of them morally bankrupt and socially useless. I’m not surprised, as I used those phrases intentionally to be provocative. Equally, I wasn’t saying that all bankers are corrupt and useless, just some. Some big names, but …

Are you focused on the right customer?

Another few articles I’ve picked up this week have focused upon the new generation of consumer: Gen Z. I would call them the iGen but that’s too branded, so marketers call them Gen Z. Who are the Z Gen? As of 2019, the breakdown by …

If Facebook launch a cryptocurrency, will US government shut it down?

I’m writing more and more about Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency lately: Will Facebook become the world’s central bank? (March 2019) Will a global platform connect all of our money? (April 2019) This is because they are getting serious about payments and blockchain, after a …


And the top news headlines this week are …

Barclays and Santander customers suffer most service disruptions: where does your bank rank? – The Telegraph
Service and security incidents have blighted major banks, with Barclays and Santander suffering the most issues in the first three months of the year.

Fraudsters are stealing £674 per MINUTE in ‘out-of-control’ bank transfer scams – The Sun
FRAUDSTERS are nicking £674 per minute via bank transfer cons — with victims facing a “gruelling” fight to recover their cash.

Deutsche Bank Says Software to Detect Money Laundering Had a Bug – New York Times
Deutsche Bank acknowledged on Wednesday that it had used faulty software to screen customer transactions for suspicious activity, another blow to the lender’s reputation as top executives prepare to face restive shareholders at its annual meeting.

Fintech Expert Chris Skinner Reveals Keys to Becoming a True Digital Bank – The Financial Brand
The provocative banking influencer is fed up with those who consider traditional banking institutions too ‘dumb’ to adapt to a digital world.

Americans Don’t Want A ‘Digital’ Bank – Forbes
As legend has it, back in 2009, Simple’s future founder Josh Reich emailed his friend and asked: Why is banking so complicated?

TransferWise co-founders sell part of stakes at $3.5bn valuation – Financial Times
Cross-border payments company has become Europe’s most valuable fintech start-up

London is still the UK’s golden goose – and that needs to change | Jack Brown – Guardian
Remove London from the UK’s economy and the nation would fold. Decentralisation would benefit everyone London could be justified in feeling a little unappreciated right now. Britons outside the capital think of its residents as “arrogant” and “insular” , an investigation by the Centre for London has found; London itself

Top Banks ‘Investing $50 Million’ to Build Blockchain Settlement System – Coindesk
Some of the world’s biggest banks are said to be investing around $50 million to build a blockchain-based digital cash settlement system.

Why Goldman Sachs should buy Deutsche Bank – Financial Times
US group wants growth in transaction banking and a German deal could help achieve that

FCA investigations into City directors rise sharply – Financial Times
Complaints about ‘non financial’ behaviour soar at insurers and banks


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Chris M Skinner
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