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The Finanser’s Week: 6th May – 12th May 2019

The main blog headlines are …

Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Blockchain, Enterprise Ledger … WTF?

I used to blog about blockchain and cryptocurrency almost every day. I stopped as it got too hyped, scammed and boring. In fact, my last blog was about the blockchain hype being dead, but the blockchain dream is still very much alive. Now, most people …

FinTech or TechFin (speech transcript)

I recently gave a speech where the title was FinTech or TechFin?  Everyone had been given a copy of my book Digital Human, and the speech was transcribed. Here it is:   FinTech or TechFin?  Thank you for inviting me to join you here. It is …

Digital is a leadership challenge and not a project

I blogged in March (Transforming the bank – three phases of change) about the method to make systems change happen to transform the bank. In another conversation, I then realised that there are three phases of organisational change to transform the bank. The first phase …

It’s all about the data

As those who read my blog will know by now I chair a very active group called Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI), based out of Oslo. Our last meetings were a great success and NFI rapporteur Danielle Pamela Neben did a great write-up afterwards. I’m guessing …

What does your leadership look like?

I’m sure some people see me walk into a room and go oh no, not him. I have a position, and it’s not popular with everyone. But I don’t care. On my LinkedIn profile, I describe myself as a troublemaker, and no issue, I’m sticking …


And the top news headlines this week are …

Bank Workers Who Survive Robot Uprising Stand to Make More Money – Bloomberg
If you’re lucky enough to survive banks’ coming robot apocalypse, you can expect a raise.

Deutsche Bank Accused of Bribery in London Lawsuit – Bloomberg
Stichting Vestia, a Dutch affordable-housing provider that nearly collapsed as a result of derivatives losses, is suing Deutsche Bank AG, saying the bank is responsible for bribery.

Citi Wants to Bring Credit Card Perks Like Miles to Bank Accounts – Bloomberg
As the world’s biggest credit-card issuer, Citigroup Inc. has enough plastic in American wallets to tile a path from its New York headquarters to the southern tip of Florida.

Investors brace for pain from Metro Bank’s fundraising – The Times
Metro Bank may have to give away almost half of the company to persuade investors to hand over £350 million to strengthen its finances because of its plunging share price.

Triodos awarded UK banking licence ahead of Brexit – This is Money
Green bank Triodos has Brexit-proofed its UK operations after it was awarded a banking licence effective from today, meaning savers will now be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

How the collapse of a football league is tied to crypto’s biggest banking scandal – Quartz
The Alliance of American Football, an eight-team professional football league, collapsed last month due to financial duress, just eight weeks into its inaugural season.

‘You can’t buy bitcoin’ – is how banks promote bitcoin says economist – Bitcoinist
Economist Saifedean Ammous was recently interviewed on Stephan Livera’s Podcast. Ammous explained the best way government can defeat Bitcoin and why banning it actually helps the opposite.

Digital disruption is coming to banking at last – The Economist
Over the past two decades people across the world have seen digital services transform the economy and their lives.

Young people and their phones are shaking up banking – The Economist
Together with its main rival, WeChat Pay, which sits within WeChat, the country’s dominant messaging app, Alipay has transformed Chinese commerce—and everyday life.

Shareholders received record dividends of almost £100bn in 2018 – Guardian
But Brexit could take a bite out of future returns from UK-listed companies, says report UK-listed firms paid record dividends last year, thanks to rising profits, but a report warns that shareholder payouts could take a big hit if Brexit goes badly. Companies listed on the UK’s main market shelled


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