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The Finanser’s Week: 27th January 2020 – 2nd February 2020

The main blog headlines are …

A Davos Day

I’ve watched Davos from afar for years now and often wondered what it would be like to be there so, when I got an invite this year, I took it straight away. The United Nations Media Group asked if I could join them and talk …

Fed up with talk of a climate emergency?

You’ve probably heard all you need to hear about Davos by now, so I won’t bore you with it much further … except for this. Much of the dialogue for the past year has been about climate change or climate emergency or climate action or …

The Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance

I said you’re probably sick of Davos but one last update. On Friday a major announcement affecting all of banking and finance globally seeped out under the radar. I spotted it. Did you? Here it is … World Economic Forum Announces Global Consortium for Digital …

London is still the major European FinTech centre

FinTech investment numbers are variable dependent upon how they are counted. The number I’ve been using for most of last year is that headline amount of $111.8 billion invested worldwide in over 12,000 start-ups. That number came from KPMG in 2019, who noted that most …

Free banking? No, it’s 39.9 percent banking!

I recently posted a whine about HSBC charging 40 percent on overdrafts: Treating Customers Unfairly The fact I wrote this about HSBC gave the impression it was they who were the target. They are, but so are any banks who treat customers unfairly and the …


And the top news headlines this week are …

What ancient Rome may teach on post-Brexit tourism – BBC
As more Britons holiday at home and European visitor numbers fall, could we learn from ancient Rome?

Profits plunge piles pressure on Santander chief – Daily Mail
Santander’s profits in the UK fell by more than a third last year – piling pressure on chief executive Nathan Bostock.

Banks adopt AI to manage sanctions and compliance risk – Financial Times
Lenders hope technology will help them spot breaches and avoid severe fines

UK banks told to explain 40% overdraft rates – Guardian
FCA says it will be ‘keeping a close eye on the market’ after lenders set similar charges Britain’s financial watchdog is demanding that major banks explain why they have set virtually identical overdraft rates of 40% in response to new rules. The Financial Conduct Authority has banned excessive and confusing

RBS: Developer who bought jet and yacht loses case against bank – BBC
Oliver Morley, who alleged a controversial division of the bank ruined his firm, has lost his case.

Author calls for Brexit coin ‘boycott’ over lack of Oxford comma – The Telegraph

Alison of RBS will say it with prickly roses on Valentine’s Day – Financial Times
Royal Bank of Scotland’s outlook; Amigo’s founder loses heart

Why won’t our banks take a simple step to stop fraud? – The Guardian
The smartphone message going out to customers of Barclays is warm and friendly. “Coming soon,” it says, “when you pay someone new, you’ll be able to check the name on their account to help make sure you’re paying the right person.”

Inside Curve’s botched attempt to become the ‘Amazon of banking’ – The Telegraph
Curve has raised more than £60m from investors including Santander for its bank card product, which lets customers add all their other bank cards – whether from challenger or high street banks – into one service.

London loses top spot as global finance hub – Financial Times
Survey of executives rates New York number one


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