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The Finanser’s Week: 6th April 2020 – 12th April 2020

The main blog headlines are …

How JPMorgan Chase, BBVA, ING, DBS and CMB are doing digital

Today is the day that Doing Digital, my newest book, is finally live on Amazon and all good book stores. It’s the result of two years primary and secondary research and, to pay it its due, has been featured in many interviews with me recently. …

Always look on the bright side of life

The non-stop coverage of coronavirus, global markets slumping, an economic armageddon, the end of the world due to a climate emergency, the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice, rising of the oceans, weather fatalities, a farce of a US election, the UK and EU …

Time to buy bitcoin?

As usual, during this period of pandemic, there’s been a rollercoaster of events for those of us involved in financial markets. We’ve seen global stock indices drop dramatically, cryptocurrency going up and down faster than Donald Trump’s spin doctoring, and everyone feeling there’s little joy …

What happened to capitalism?

I’ve spent my life in an economy that focuses upon money, greed, growth and profit … what was that all about? We are suddenly living in a world where everyone is being told to stay home and do nothing … and get paid for it. …

The ugly, the bad and the good

It’s interesting that governments around the world have announced huge stimulus packages to protect workers, small businesses and life in general. Trillions of dollars. Great. The reality is that no one is getting it. You see these announcements and try to get hold of the …


And the main news headlines are ….

Why a lot of startups will come to regret their unicorn status – Economist
After many funding rounds, they could be sitting under a mountain of debt-like claims

How sick might banks get? – Economist
They have entered this crisis in better health than the previous one

The 2008 financial crisis will be seen as a dry run for Covid-19 cataclysm | Kenneth Rogoff – Guardian
Short-term collapse in global output likely to rival or exceed any recession of the last 150 years With each passing day, the 2008 global financial crisis increasingly looks like a mere dry run for today’s economic catastrophe. The short-term collapse in global output now under way already seems likely to

Have the banks played a blinder? – Reaction
On Wednesday morning last week, stock market investors were ambushed by the April Fool that wasn’t. By cancelling some £7.5 billons of dividends on last year’s profits, the last remaining plank of investor support from bank share prices was removed.

Donald Trump ‘lost $1bn in a month’ from coronavirus lockdown – Guardian
Stock market crash strips billionaire status from 267 of world’s richest people in the annual list Donald Trump lost an estimated $1bn of his paper fortune in the past month as the coronavirus lockdown forced the closure of offices, shopping centres, hotels and golf courses he owns. The US president’s

Coronavirus means a bad recession – at least – says JP Morgan boss – Guardian
Jamie Dimon singles out US structural problems, and warns inadequacy of emergency planning will be laid bare Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The boss of JP Morgan, Wall Street’s biggest bank, has said the world faces a “bad recession” as he took a swipe at America’s

Banks welcome Chancellor’s revamp of coronavirus loan scheme – City AM
The government has pledged to guarantee £330bn of loans but only £14bn has been lent so far. The coronavirus business interruption loan scheme means businesses with a turnover of up to £45m can apply for a loan of up to £5m.

CEO of Santander says bank is taking measures to limit coronavirus impact – Yahoo!
The chief executive officer of Spain’s Santander on Friday assured investors it was taking all necessary measures to mitigate the impact from the coronavirus outbreak on the bank’s balance sheet.

Are banks making a profit from the coronavirus crisis? – Express
UK banks have come under fire for profiting over loans lent to businesses at risk from collapse due to coronavirus. Are banks making a profit from the coronavirus crisis?

The traffic light exit strategy to free the UK from lockdown | Larry Elliott – Guardian
A new economics paper suggests a red-amber-green solution to safely ease us out of coronavirus restrictions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Britain has been in lockdown for two weeks and it has been the grimmest of fortnights. The number of daily deaths from Covid-19 has continued

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