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What happened to capitalism?

I’ve spent my life in an economy that focuses upon money, greed, growth and profit … what was that all about?

We are suddenly living in a world where everyone is being told to stay home and do nothing … and get paid for it. Well, if you’re in a country that can afford to do that.

Equally, we have a few people, very few, who have given up the greed. For example, it truly shocked me to see a landlord saying don’t pay the rent, let me help 

OK, OK, OK, I know he’s Canadian but that’s still something. Amazing.

There are so many acts of kindness and support right now, but equally a lot of ugly, bad things going on. These are strange times.

The obvious thing about these times is that, for the first time in my life, we’ve given up the focus upon money, greed, growth and profit. We are focusing instead upon safety and survival. The issue this raises for many is why were we so focused upon money, greed, growth and profit before?

To have a nice house? To live a nice life? To buy more things we don’t need?

It all seems a little bit perfunctory right now. It was shallow and useless, some might say. Did we really need all this? Were we really focused upon the right things? Did we treat our family right? Are we happy?

I’m guessing everyone is asking fundamental questions about their lives, their world, their priorities and their focus right now. The answer is: it wasn’t about money, greed, growth and profit. It’s about life.

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