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The Finanser’s Week: 7th September 2020 – 13th September 2020

The main blog discussions this week include ….

Does management theory work anymore?

After blogging the other day that big banks will never be replaced and they’re just playing a game of Pac-Man, I was watching this two-minute explainer of Michael Porter’s five forces from Harvard Business Review (a two-minute video): The five forces are buyers (customers), suppliers, …

Financial Services Clouds (an interview)

I was recently asked to interview Likhit Wagle, General Manager, Global Banking Industry, IBM, regarding their new IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ offering. The discussion was interesting so sharing it here for posterity. Chris Skinner: Cloud is something we’ve been discussing for over a …

A challenger challenges back

After writing quite a lot challenging the challenger banks, one reached out to me asking for a slight correction of view. OakNorth. Now, this is a bank I like, as they’ve been doing so much under the radar, so I said that if they wanted …

Does anyone know what a Merchant Payments Ecosystem is?

I just presented to the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference. I’ve presented there before, and this year was virtual … as are all 2020 conferences. 2020 is the virtual year. I sat and thought about what to present. I have 1,000 slides or more, but I …

The future of money: a speech by the Governor of the Bank of England

Last week the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, gave a virtual speech at the Brookings Institute on the future of money, technology, payments, digital currencies and central bank digital currencies. It’s an interesting speech, and worth sharing here. Enjoy. Reinventing the Wheel …

The FinTech Karaoke Challenge: Ghostbusters

Everyone keeps talking about Big Tech opening banks. Rather than opening or buying banks, most of the Big Tech firms are partnering with them. Apple and Goldman Sachs make a nice pair as does Google, who partner with a variety of banks to offer financial …


And the main news headlines are ….

Credit Suisse to launch Revolut and N26 digital banking rival – City AM
Credit Suisse is to launch a digital banking app to rival the likes of Revolut and N26, offering free foreign transactions and digital wealth management.

Bank of Scotland offices on market for £80m – Daily Business
Bank of Scotland’s office building in Tollcross, Edinburgh has been put on the market with an asking price of £80 million.

JPMorgan fires employees who took Covid relief funds – Financial Times
Bank says dismissed staff sought help from the Small Business Administration

Lloyds to cut hundreds of UK jobs as it revives restructuring plans – The Guardian
Banking group had put changes on hold because of Covid-19 pandemic More than 1,200 staff at restaurant chain Pizza Hut and high street lender Lloyds Banking Group are facing redundancy, adding to a torrent of job cuts announced amid the pandemic. Pizza Hut is considering closing up to 29 of

The world’s central banks are starting to experiment. But what comes next? | Adam Tooze – Guardian
With the spectre of deflation looming in the wake of Covid-19, radical new policies could revolutionise the world economy Are we seeing the end of the supremacy of the US dollar? With soaring government spending and gaping deficits are we on the cusp of a great surge of inflation? In

Retail and digital customers ‘dissatisfied ‘ – which banks rank lowest? – Daily Express
Bank account holders and providers have had to adapt to coronavirus in recent months. The financial landscape has altered dramatically in response to the pandemic and correspondingly, consumers’ views of the industry have been affected.

How philanthropy benefits the super-rich – Guardian
There are more philanthropists than ever before. Each year they give tens of billions to charitable causes. So how come inequality keeps rising? By Paul Vallely Philanthropy, it is popularly supposed, transfers money from the rich to the poor. This is not the case. In the US, which statistics show

Customers turn their backs on Monzo and Revolut as fears mount over profitability – The Telegraph
Customers are moving their money out of Monzo and Revolut over concerns the digital banks are still not managing to make a profit.

Global regulatory body to harmonise ‘plethora’ of ESG standards – Financial Times
Ambitious plan by umbrella group for securities regulators aims to make it easier to compare information

Payments are blocked as banks’ new security check becomes a name game – Guardian
Confirmation of Payee was designed to tackle online fraud, but it’s leaving customers unable to transfer funds When the sale of Heather Lord’s house completed, her conveyancing solicitor attempted to transfer funds to her bank account. An automated message warned him that her name did not match the name on


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