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The name is Cohen … Stephanie Cohen

There have been two major announcements of women as leaders of banks in the USA in the past month. First, Citibank announced that Jane Fraser would be the new CEO and then Goldman Sachs announced that Stephanie Cohen would head up their consumer and wealth management operations.

I noted that a few friends – Theo Lau in particular – took exception to the way the media reported these appointments.

What’s her issue? What’s the problem?

The issue is the word ‘female’ in these headlines. Female.

I don’t know. I sit at my desk and know I have my prejudices … but I don’t think I have many. I am angry about how people are treated, especially people of race. I am angry about how women are treated, especially women with talent. I am angry about how animals are treated, especially animals who have no defense. I am angry about how our planet is abused, especially how we seem to be ignoring our future.

I am angry about lots of things.

Some then would call me woke.


What is woke?

Woke is being “alert to injustice in society”.

Wow! I am so woke.

I hate injustice. I hate people who are treated lesser than me, because they have less than me. I hate a world that can tread on the face of children in need. I hate a world that can ignore a child on the teat of a mother. I hate a world that can stomp on the dreams of the future.

That’s because I believe in a better and brighter future where, one day, everyone will be equal. Everyone will be free. Everyone will have opportunity. Everyone will feel no barriers.

OK, OK, OK, I’m a dreamer … but I’m not the only one.

So, let’s bring it back to women.

Women are people, not objects. They represent half the people on earth, although you wouldn’t know it based upon the way the media reports things. I blogged for a week about women and diversity, not that it made any difference, but it is interesting that The New York Post’s article created a HUGE backlash.

Female Banker?

A woman?

Her name is Cohen.

Stephanie Cohen.

Remember her name.





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