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The Finanser’s Week: 14th December 2020 – 20th December 2020

The main blog discussions this week include …

Can we change The System? Yes, we can … ish

I woke up yesterday to find this story on Sifted, the Financial Times newish platform dedicated to innovation and FinTech: Fintechs to cosy up with politicians to counter ‘big bank lobby’ It’s interesting, especially for a guy like me who has hovered around all of …

Regulation is meant to strangle innovation

I guess I’ll build on yesterday’s blog, about the python of regulation, by harking back to a comment I heard many years ago in Brussels. Talking with one of the key regulators, I asked why they had the regulation in place with so much interpretation.

The elephant left

This is the sixth in a series of blogs about the elephant, which represents the economy, and the bird, which represents the future. The bird was out of its cage, but it stayed in the room. We had talked a lot about the economy and, although …

Failure is the best thing for you

One of my most popular blogs, which surprised me, was when I wrote about how redundancy was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s true. I learned more from failure than I ever learned from success. I learn more from hardship than I …

#KlarNAAA? Is #BNPL a good or bad thing?

Five years ago, I interviewed Niklas Adalberth, Co-Founder, Deputy CEO and Board Member at Klarna. He left the company shortly after, and is now a venture capitalist at Norrsken. At the time, Klarna was relatively unheard of, but the interview intrigued me at the time. …


And the main news headlines are ….

London calling: the post-Brexit future for Europe’s financial capital – Financial Times
While the City’s swagger may have diminished, dire predictions have not come to pass

Expect the UK’s debt time bomb to explode in two years’ time – Guardian
The great reckoning for the cost of Covid has yet to come – and Phillip Inman on the job losses caused by Rishi Sunak’s tactics on furlough Here’s two contradictory datasets: one from the Citizens Advice Bureau, reporting that 600,000 more people are falling into ruinous debt, unable to pay

How London grew into a financial powerhouse – Financial Times
Charting the growth of London’s financial centre and what the future holds after Brexit

More than half of UK’s furloughed jobs at risk of automation – report – Guardian
Covid crisis is accelerating change, study by Fabian Society and Community finds More than half of furloughed jobs in the UK are at the highest risk of automation as the Covid crisis accelerates workplace technology change, driving up redundancies and inequality across the country, according to a report. The two-year

Beware Christmas parcel delivery scams, banks warn – BBC
Criminals are looking to steal financial details by posing as well-known delivery companies.

Brexit talks: what are the ‘major unresolved topics’ UK and EU must agree on? – Guardian
Analysis: fish and ‘ratchet’ clause are key remaining issues in post-Brexit trade talks Boris Johnson and EU agree to continue trade talks After nine months of tortuous negotiations, and with just over three weeks left until the UK leaves EU’s single market and customs union at the end of the

The women inspiring others in a male-dominated industry – BBC
Women who have risen to the top in the banking world share the challenges they have faced.

Future of the City: Where did all the jobs go? – Financial Times
The predicted flood of bankers fleeing Brexit Britain for the EU has so far proved to be more of a trickle

Investors dump UK funds on fears of no-deal Brexit – Financial Times
UK equity investments bleed billions and British stocks decline in global investor portfolios

PayPal introduces new fee for dormant accounts – Guardian
Users must sign in before next week’s deadline to prevent being charged £9 a year PayPal is to introduce a £9 “inactivity” fee for anyone whose account has been dormant for at least a year, but still has some money left in it. From 16 December, the annual fee will


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