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The Finanser’s Week: 8th February 2021- 14th February 2021

The main blog discussions this week include …

Singapore-on-the-Thames? Welcome to the new London … [Kalifa Review]

In the midst of Brexit plans and a Covid pandemic, the UK Government launched a FinTech review chaired by Ron Kalifa. I’ve met Ron at a few conferences, when he was CEO and then Chairman of WorldPay and will find it interesting to see what …

The balance between data gathering and data usage

I was on a call the other day, discussing Big Data and Green Finance. It’s not an area I talk about much, although Green is more and more on the radar. Even big bank CEO’s are aware of it and the issues that go with …

Where is the Intelligent Bank?

I wrote a blog a few days ago about money not being about jars and pots. The gist of the blog is that it annoys me when banks offer different sections for different objectives: savings, education, wedding, holiday and so on. The blog got some …

The Elephant made me sad

Sitting quietly in my room, I felt someone breathing on my neck. It was him. Y’know. The elephant. The elephant represents the economy and this is the ninth in a series. “Wassup?” I asked. He just looked at me, mournfully. “OK. What is wrong?” I …

The start-up I should have started

I often feel bad for not having started a FinTech start-up myself. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it or had the ideas, it’s more to do with that I like to talk and write rather than do anything. Those who can’t, teach! Nevertheless, …


And the main news headlines are …

Bulldoze the high street and build a giant park: is Stockton the future of Britain? – Guardian
What do you do when M&S, Debenhams and New Look are all gone? Knock down the shopping centre and replace it with a riverside oasis. Could the ‘visionary’ plan of Stockton-on-Tees spark a revolution? An empty Debenhams, a shuttered Marks & Spencer, an abandoned New Look: the town centre of

Bitcoin consumes ‘more electricity than Argentina’ – BBC
The rising value of Bitcoin leads to ever-higher energy consumption, researchers say.

Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share trading hub – Financial Times
UK’s departure from the EU prompts shift in dealing of stocks and derivatives

Bank of England chief’s evidence to MPs questioned by former senior judge – Guardian
Row over report into LC&F collapse escalates as ex-high court judge disagrees with Andrew Bailey’s evidence A former high court judge has publicly questioned the evidence the governor of the Bank of England has given to MPs over the London Capital & Finance (LC&F) collapse, as a row about a

These wealthy vaccine cheats prove we were never all in this together | Arwa Mahdawi – Guardian
The rich and powerful are using their influence to get early inoculations. And there’s nothing we can do about it Mo’ money, mo’ problems? More like mo’ money, mo’ vaccines. In news anyone could have predicted, it seems well-off and well-connected people around the world are finding nefarious ways to

KPMG boss apologises for ‘stop moaning’ outburst – BBC
In a meeting with members of his consulting team, Bill Michael was told about concerns over pay.

Robinhood: US family sue trading app over son’s suicide – BBC
The parents of Alex Kearns, 20, say he thought he had lost $730,000 when he took his own life.

Tesla should stick to what it’s good at – and that isn’t bitcoin | Nils Pratley – Guardian
Elon Musk is free to speculate about cryptocurrencies, but it’s unclear what the company gets out of it Tweeting excitedly about bitcoin is one thing; spending $1.5bn (£1.1bn) of shareholders’ funds on the cryptocurrency is another. If Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive and 20% owner, can’t resist the urge to

Is this UBS promo the most cringeworthy video ever? – City AM
Social media was left baffled today after a recruitment video for UBS surfaced online.

High anxiety: super-rich find supertall skyscraper an uncomfortable perch – Guardian
Wealthy residents of 432 Park Avenue have complained of leaks, malfunctions and wind sway – much to the delight of earthbound New Yorkers About six years ago, the supertall residential tower 432 Park Avenue offered rich buyers something other buildings could not: a chance to live atop Manhattan’s famed skyline

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