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11 episodes to decode banking … #mustwatch

I don’t normally post on a Saturday, but felt compelled to do so today as 11FS has just released the result of months of work. A new video series on YouTube called Decoding: Banks. There are 11 episodes in the series starring many industry luminaries and protagonists, including yours truly and the likes of Dave Birch, Nick Ogden, Joanne Dewar, Rishi Khosla, Emma Lindley and more. If it’s easiest, you can just click here to watch the episodes.

How has the banking battlefield evolved? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 1

What are payments rails? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 2

How do card networks operate? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 3

How does lending work? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 4

Why is identity important in financial services? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 5

How does banking regulation work? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 6

How has software evolution influenced banking? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 7

What are fintechs? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 8

What is the biggest challenge for traditional banks? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 9

How can traditional banks win on the banking battlefield? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 10

What might future banking ecosystems look like? | Decoding: Banks | Episode 11

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