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JWG-IT News Alert: MiFID Madness

Everyone needs to smile now and then … even MiFID programme managers.  I have failed to come up with a joke about MiFID for two years now, and have decided to stick to think-tanking.  Please help me …

As we approach M-Day, please provide your views of the madness by entering our online competition and sharing your MiFID funnies in 20 different categories.  Perhaps you heard that the Italians will …, while the Germans might …!  You tell us.  As an example, a ‘MiFID Compliant Solution’ might mean ‘somebody in marketing read the headlines, but forgot to check with the guys in product development’.  Let’s look back at all the terminology you hate, the acronyms you think need redefining and the stupid things that have been said/done/overheard in the name of making the EU the most competitive financial market on the planet.

All suitable submissions will be used to compile a ‘Bluffers’ Guide to MiFID’ to be published in November as an aid to those last minute panics. 

Thanks to our friends at Xenomorph, there are serious prizes.  As well as the opportunity to be immortalised in MiFID lore, the best entry each week will win an 80gb iPod.  Anonymity or fame is your privilege, but laughter and respite from implementation worries are your right.

As Brian Sentance, CEO Xenomorph Software, said “Regulation and humour?  Maybe this is as ambitious as MiFID itself” 

Go to www.jwg-it.eu/competition to enter as many times as you like.

Please also see Chris Skinner’s latest publication: The Future of Investing in Europe’s Markets after MiFID

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