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Microsoft in 2008 — The Predictions

            Despite Chris Skinner’s prediction, in an intelligently provocative recent piece, that 2007 was the year that Microsoft committed suicide, even he didn’t say the process would be quick – he predicted the company’s first lost to appear in 2012.

            Meanwhile Microsoft continues to play a big role in banking and insurance, while its importance in capital markets beyond Excel on the trading desk is significant, but just how significant is subject to some debate.

            Still, there’s no question the company’s plans are important to financial services firms, so I read through reports from a few leading predictors with interest.

            Bink.nu from the


is one of the leading Microsoft watching sites. It is ""Watching Microsoft Like a Hawk, in its phrase. Its predictions consist of a list of product releases including IE 8 beta in the second half of 2008, perhaps a new host and integration server, and R2 of Commerce Server 2007?

            Steve Bink’s site carries comments and links to other sites, such as Wictor Wilén, who comments on Microsoft and other topics of interest. He who expects IE 8 to be out by next Christmas.

Mary Jo Foley’s “All About Microsoft,” which appears on ZDNet is much more conversational with a list of 10 predictions, explained in a couple of paragraphs, based on inside sources. A few samples:

Windows 2007 is underway but nothing will be released in 2008

Business Intelligence will be available in some versions of Office

A Zune Phone

And she thinks that Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s CEO who abruptly resigned in 2007, will join Microsoft to run the Expression team in the new year.

“As Microsoft watchers know, Adobe and Microsoft are competing head-to-head in the design-tool space. If the sources are right (and there are no non-competes in the way), Chizen may have a new roost to rule soon.”

She also has a long string of interesting comments coming off her blog. Steven Bink and Mary Jo Foley are definitely worth bookmarking if you want to keep up on Microsoft.


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