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Want to see tomorrow’s technologies today?

TED is a conference that takes place once a year in the USA and is like
a Davos for business.  If you don’t know what TED is, then check it out
The show is also where many of the future technologies are revealed,
and videotaped, as can be seen on the websit.  TED also talks about a
lot of BIG IDEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.  Visiting the TED website provides you with a mine of possibilities for future ideas.

The Show is attended on an invitation only basis, and this year
takes place in Monterey, California, from 27th February to 1st March.
Keynotes include Al Gore, Craig Venter, Amy Tan, Karen Armstrong, Yves
Behar, Robert
Ballard, Bob Geldof, Walter Isaacson, Isaac Mizrahi, Ben Zander and 40
more of the world’s most insightful and inspiring speakers.

Tickets are like gold dust and you can never buy one … until now.

TED are listing an eBay offer for 1 ticket.  All proceeds go to the Open Architecture Network,
an "online, open source community dedicated to improving living
conditions through innovative and sustainable design … the goal of
the network is to allow designers to work together in a whole new way,
a way that enables 5 billion potential clients to access their skills
and expertise. The network has a simple mission: to generate not one
idea but the hundreds of thousands of design ideas needed to improve
living conditions for all."

Bidding started at $10,000 and
currently there are 30 bids valuing the ticket at $32,100.  Strewth,
£16,000 for a trade show ticket?

Mind you, they are offering a
one-to-one lunch with Meg Ryan as part of the package.  That’s worth it
on its own as she might do that scene from "When Harry met Sally" … or could it be the Parky interview?  You never know. 

treats include a first-day cocktail with TED super-connector Sunny
Bates and a coffee with the founder of ebay Pierre Omidyar.  I wouldn’t
mind asking him why is the other Meg (Whitman) leaving then.

Have a nice time.

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