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The end of Indian outsourcing

reports today that India’s competitive advantage for offshore services
is disappearing fast as wage demands mean that services are now 66%
cheaper for US and European firms in India, compared with 84% a few
years ago. 

As wage demands increase, it can only be a matter
of time they say, where it will cost the same.  In fact, they forecast
this could be as soon as 2015 based upon current trends. 

issue India then has is that Forbes reckons India doesn’t have any
people who think, create or differentiate because all the thinking is
done by their customers.  India has ‘outsourced’ the thinking and just
do the implementing.

Is this the likely future …

… or is this just a US-magazine trying to forecast the end of India’s
competitive advantage because Americans don’t like hearing about
India’s success? 

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