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NCR at loggerheads with HP over Banks

Oohhhhh-errrrr.   Like any good blogger I love
a bit of gossip and nothing better than my old firm, NCR, getting into a spot
of hot-under-the-collar bother with HP.

Apparently, lots of NCR-ers have been toddling out
of Dayton, Ohio across to sunny Palo Alto, California with little USB sticks
full of sensitive materials.  Now, the weenies at Dayton have gotten so
angry, they could crush a grape … or even several.

So they’ve filed a lawsuit to stop the latest
leaver from sharing her account secrets.  The particular lady who left the
Dayton lake is a senior sales person, Diane Warner, who brought in $19 million
in sales from Wachovia in 2006, "including 80% of Wachovia’s total ATM
spend for the year."

NCR contends she was "even more involved
in NCR’s business strategies and analyses, such as NCR’s perceived strengths
and weaknesses in various business segments. This involvement focused not just
on the financial solutions division, but on other market segments as well. For
example, she was involved in NCR’s sales and marketing efforts directed toward
the U.S. Postal Service (on which NCR directly competed with HP) and from
gaming industry components, such as MGM Grand Casino."

In particular, NCR contends that:
"On December 26, 2007, Warner, for the first time, attached a Maxtor
external hard drive to her NCR computer and copied more than 3,000 NCR files
from her computer to the external hard drive. Many of these files contained
NCR’s proprietary information, including files related to Wachovia, NCR’s
financial services division, and NCR’s business practices and strategies. For
example, more than 100 of these files contained sensitive Wachovia-related
information. Specifically, the filed entitled ‘wachoviacallplantjonwittermay’
detailed NCR’s busines strategies for its Wachovia account strategies and other
sensitive information. she also downloaded many files related to other
customers. For example, the file entitled ‘HSBbidreview2007’ like the other bid
review files she copied, contained NCR’s discount rate, net rate, and other
sensitive pricing information."

Oh, you naughty, naughty little tinker Diane, you.

To be honest, reading through the lines of all of
this, it could just be that NCR is still miffed over HP nicking their CEO, Mark
Hurd, after the Carly show left town.   

All of this goss courtesy of the blog, the Bellwether Daily. Thank you to Bill Sloat.


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