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Bank brands suck …

I know, I know … we all want to think we are hip and cool brands, so I got a reality check today from The Brand Channel, who just ran a survey of brandjunkies asking a range of questions:

  • What brand would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party?   
  • What brand, if sent back 100 years would have the biggest impact on the course of history?  
  • Which brand inspires you the most?  
  • What brand do you think is truly (going) "green"?  

and so on and so forth.  The overall winners are:

#1    Apple
#2    Virgin
#3    Google
#4    Coca-Cola
#5    Nike

Question: Can you spot the odd one out?  See end of blog for answer.

Answers that intrigued and amused, included:

What brand that no longer exists would you resurrect?
The #1 answer is none, e.g. if it’s dead it’s dead.  #2 is PanAm and #3
is Atari ………….. the eighth most popular vote in this category
went to …. IBM!

Then there’s the question: which brand do you want to argue with? and the #1 answer is Microsoft!  I wonder why?

What brand is most likely to revolutionize the branding industry in the next five years? had some interesting, although not unexpected answers, like Facebook, Second Life, YouTube …   

But you know what gets me?

Maybe I missed it, but what really, really gets me?

Where’s the darned bank brands.

Not a single bank brand anywhere.  Not even a dead one or one people want to argue with.

Don’t these hip and cool and trendy people realise that banks want to be loved too?

Stuff ’em!


Question: Can you spot the odd one out? 
Answer: Google – all the others advertise lots, but Google is its own advert!

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