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Microsoft’s Vista is better than the Mac

Not really, but there is a lot more debate about its pro’s and con’s amongst the tech community, with at least some saying it is not that bad.  Not many, but a few.

I reckon that 95% of Vista users have not had the issues I have had, and are happy.  They may not have old hardware and lack the drivers.  They may not find things locking up, hanging up or just not running.  They may not have software spam filters that are incompatible with the newly included filters that Outlook 2007 and Office 2007 builds in.

So yes, there are some who love it.

Like this blogger, Preston Gralla, on Computerworld.  He says it’s better because it runs more software, is safer, cheaper and more open than a Mac and, most of all, is not managed by the vindictive Steve Jobs.  Many others disagree with this opinion, with Chris Pirillo providing a very articulate rebuke.  Even Gartner have joined the bandwagon by saying "Windows is collapsing".

Most of you know my own views.  I’ve never owned a Mac, have always used Microsoft and just feel disillusioned with the way they’ve managed this roll-out, all the glitches, things not working and, overall, that Vista has been out for 15 months and it is only now that it is starting to become stable thanks to update after update.  So I’m in the 5% who are unhappy and have been kicking up a stink.  In fact, I sometimes worry that I have started to sound like a broken record, but this is important.  After all, it could determine the future shape of computing if Microsoft really did go kaput.

Regardless of all of these arguments however, the process has been a real pain for me, the others affected, Microsoft and the business world.  And to show what an own goal it has been, is demonstrated brilliantly by this advert for the Mac:

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