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Paris Hilton, Harry, Darling and a wet fish

It must be the silly season now, as there are so many silly stories around.

For example, the one and only Paris Hilton has come up with a cure for the credit crunch. 

"Wear happy colours", she said. 

That wasn't the quote that was widely reported though, which was: "I’m the living proof that blondes are not stupid." 

You sure are, Paris.

Then there is the news that Prince Harry has become a successful dealer in the City. 

The Prince managed to secure a ten-yard trade in a sonia … that's a £10billion sterling trade in a sterling overnight index swap for those not in the know.

Mind you, the guy advising him on the deal looks a bit suspect:


Not to worry, as it was all in a good cause for the annual charity day for ICAP, the broker that deals in a broad range of OTC products from commodities to foreign exchange and interest rates in the credit and
equity markets. 

The staff were all dressed up as different characters, with the broker above as a member of the Village People.  No wonder Harry looks a little aghast!

The firm managed to raise £11 million ($16.3 million) this year, so all well and good for them.

Not so well and good for our Chancellor, Alastair Darling

After having everyone blast him for creating £1 trillion of additional debt for the country in recent weeks, thanks to bailouts and tax breaks, he ends up being engaged to David Walliams, the star of Little Britain!


When asked by a little girl at this children's charity event, "are you married?" Walliams replied, "We’re engaged –
it’s early days."

Whay a lay-dee. 

No wonder Mr. Darling added that he didn't "want to rush into it", unlike half the recent reactions to the economic rollercoaster we're riding on.

I would suggest it may be time to follow the example of Jay Nguyen, CEO of Sweemo, who has grabbed the headlines this week by auctioning the opportunity to slap him round the face with a large, wet Salmon.

The winning bid was £401.  What a bargain!

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