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The best and worst CEO’s in banking, 2008

The other day I spotted that Time Magazine had published various Top 10 lists, including several funny ones about banking.

Today, I spotted a few other lists about banking that were funny in a different way.

First, the FT printed the Top 10 TARP funded CEO bonus lists

Funnily enough, not one bank would tell them how much their CEO's earned this year as a bonus. 

How strange?

Then I noted that
Here is the City is asking its readers to vote for their Top 10 worst
CEO's this year. 

That list is available, and here's the current Top 10:

1. Stan O'Neal, Merrill Lynch – 33.5%
2. Richard Fuld, Lehman Brothers – 26.3%
3. Sir Fred Goodwin, Royal Bank of Scotland – 11.6%
4. Chuck Prince, Citi – 7.7%
5. Ken Thompson, Wachovia – 4.1%
6. Jimmy Cayne, Bear Stearns – 4.0%
7. John Costas, UBS-IB – 3.9%
8. Marcel Ospel, UBS – 2.4%
9. Martin Sullivan, AIG – 2.1%
10. Jean Paul Voutron, Fortis – 1.7%

I guess my vote would go to …

Eliot Spitzer (this year, last year and for all time after the Madoff affair).

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