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A Directory of Social Finance

A few people have said to me that they find it hard to navigate around all the ideas on social finance I've written recently, so here's a non-exhaustive compendium:

Social Finance

Banks ignore social media at their peril
Social networks don't need banks, they need friends
Social finance is right here, right now
Social money – what’s all that about?
Mobile social money, the final frontier?
Why are UK Banks ignoring new media?
How to break trust with social media
Social media has changed society
Is the social web party over?


Can banks twitter?
Bank's tweets and twitters
Why banks should focus upon Twitter
Fake Twitterers in Banking
Arguing about Twitter is a waste of time
A real-time guide to using Twitter: the G20 Protest, April 1st 2009, London
A brief review of (Oz) bank twittering

Virtual Worlds

Second Life: I'm not dead yet!
Virtual banking worlds become more realistic
Money laundering in virtual worlds

The Impact on Banks

Why banks struggle to innovate

The relevance of social media to banks

Why banks have little competition

How social finance could disrupt banking

How a bank should respond to 'disruption'
What does the future bank look like?

The New Economics of Banking

Why banking will be free: Part 1 and Part 2
BaaS – Banking as a Service:  Part 1 and Part 2
The New Economics of Banking
Collaborative Competition
The Multichannel Myth
Banks should be Cannibals
Putting today's tech in perspective
Internet Banking 2010 and Beyond
The Susan Boyle Bank
The Mobile Financial Present
The Mobile Financial Future
New Currencies 

Case Studies

ABSA (Mobile Payments)
Barclaycard (Social Finance/Web 2.0)
BBVA (Social Finance/Web 2.0 and Mobile Finance)
Caja Navarro (Social Finance)
Compare the Meerkat  (Social Finance/Web 2.0)
eBank (Social Finance/Web 2.0)
HSBC  (Social Finance/Web 2.0 and Infrastructure)
Jibun Bank  (Mobile Finance)
Jyske Bank (Branch and Culture)
Kiva (Microfinance/Web 2.0)
Licuro (Social Finance/Savings)
M-PESA (Mobile Payments)
MoBank (Mobile Finance)
PayPal (Payments)
SmartyPig (Social Finance/Savings)
UMPay (Mobile Payments)
Zopa (Social Finance/Loans)

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