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After Facebook … Deathbook

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Ever wonder what would happen if you suddenly got hit by a massive truck? 

I do ... not all the time obviously but when I'm jogging, wearing my iPod, and enjoying Britain's fantastic summer weather ;-)

Recently, I've begun to suspect that instead of roadkill, there's an increasing amount of iPodkill as a result. 

These are the folks that run along listening to old rock numbers like Born to Run on their iPod shuffle, and have it on so loud that they run straight into the juggernaut travelling their way at speed.

Now this may seem a little dark for a bright Monday morning but, for those of us who jog, this is a hazard. I mean, why do they allow cars on roads?

Anyways, when it does happen, the police can be cluey enough to identify the dead but fit runner, by tracking down the serial number and purchase details of the iPod.  Of course, I'm far more helpful than that and just have my name, date of birth and social security number tattooed on my arse (seriously?).

So what’s this got to do with banking?

Quite a lot.

You see, if you did disappear suddenly, would your family know all your PIN numbers, account details and other information to access your financial world after your death?

Probably not and that's a big danger when we live in a world where everything is electronic.

Should one iPod shuffle off this mortal coil tomorrow, most of your stuff is hidden in passwords and account numbers are your digital identifiers and that aren’t written down ... because your bank told you not to. 

Add onto this that you don’t print any of this information out, and who’s to know where to find that few million moulas you were going to leave your mistress partner?

OK, OK, so you should be informed enough to make sure you give your partner all that info, but many of us do not.



Deathbook is to the deceased, what Facebook is for the living ... a social network to stay in touch after you’ve gone to meet your maker.

Deathbook is actually a new website called: “Wishes Beyond Life”.

The website allows you to record all the valuable digital information you want to leave your loved ones such as bank details, funds and investments, as well as your wishes for medical interventions in the case of an emergency.  

You can even send birthday emails to your family each year after you’ve gone, if you want to.

Mind you, could be a bit scary to get a card saying: “Happy Birthday Darling”, when you died last year.  

The wonders of the internet age ay?

Oh yes, and if you happen to accidentally go to the spoof Wishes Beyond Life, those Nigerian 419ers could have a field day.


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